3 Ways to Improve Your Home and Quality of Life

3 Ways to Improve Your Home and Quality of Life

Want A Better Quality Of Life But Can’t Afford To Move House? Here Are Three Ways You Can Achieve Your Goals Without Moving.

The coronavirus epidemic has seen more and more of us encouraged to work from home. Working from home is a sensible solution for those with plenty of space. The reality for most of us is that we are juggling home schooling with office work we are doing in our living spaces, often overwhelmed by the lack of quiet and without the resources we need to do a good job.

With this in mind many of us sought to move home completely. Those of us that couldn’t afford to move into something bigger, had to make do and mend what we had. For a vast swathe of the population, this meant improving or upgrading where we lived. How did we do this? We added home offices, changed spare rooms into games rooms, and sought to improve the quality of our work-life balance.

Here are the three best home additions you could make to improve your house and the quality of the life you live within it.

3 Ways to Improve Your Home

Instead of starting again somewhere new, try these three things to make more of the home you already have.

1 – Use your Garden Space

Most people don’t use their gardens and that’s a real shame. That could be where you put your new home office. It could be where you place a gazebo that doubles as a den in the evenings. Your garden is the area where your home extends into the outdoors. It’s not just where you hang your washing, it’s where the kids can play safely to let you get some work done. IT’s where a room addition would make you feel like you were reclaiming your commute.

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Garden room additions are fun. They feel like another building entirely and let you leave the house and go somewhere new. They make good studios for artists or exercise instructors, and they give you a quiet space away from the kids. You can fund a new room addition by way of a HELOC, which has just landed in the UK. You can get one through https://www.selinaadvance.com/. They let you borrow up to 80% of your home’s worth less the mortgage so you can make improvements.

2 – Expand into the Attic

Builders don’t tend to include cellars in UK properties without prior arrangement from the architect. Cellars tend to flood, and we have more rain than your average united kingdom does. Why not expand into the attic instead? This gives you the bonus of about two rooms worth of space, that’s already there above you. Add some flooring and insulate the walls, then wire a plug socket or two. If you’re planning to insulate the attic, it’s best to contact the experts from insulation Ottawa to ensure that you’re working with skilled installers. Those lovely loft windows make the final touch and give you a whole floor of extra space to play with. Again, you could turn this into a play room and move those kids upstairs when you are working.

3 – Kit out the Kitchen

Improving your kitchen with a few mod cons can seriously upgrade the whole appeal of your home. Kitchen upgrades are known to improve the quality of your life. Are you a tea or coffee drinker? How much time would installing a boiling water tap shave from your working day? On the other end of the spectrum, a fridge that dispenses iced water is a great upgrade. Dishwashers, log burners, and washing machines are all ways you can improve the quality of your life with just a small appliance.