Plumbing Solution: Is Pipe Replacement Necessary?

Plumbing Solution: Is Pipe Replacement Necessary?

When you are dealing with a plumbing issue, you might be carefully looking for the right solutions by browsing the internet or asking for a recommendation from a friend who has experienced the same issue. It is right to do so because no one would want to spend a fortune for another trouble. Before deciding whether you will reline or replace your pipe, it is necessary to understand the difference between the two choices.

1. Pipe Relining

Pipe relining Sydney offers an innovative and modern solution for you if the pipes installed in your building are blocked or leaking. What makes this process stand out among other plumbing repair methods is its advantages.

  • Minimal Damages to Your Landscape.

Pipe relining is well known for its no digging process. Plumbers will insert an epoxy resin-filled lining into the existing pipes, where it adheres to the walls. Then the lining will magically solidify and close the holes and cracks. Finally, you will have a new pipe inside your old piping system. It all can be conducted from the surface.

  • Economical

The entire process is carried out above ground, so you won’t need to worry about the additional expense to fix the tearing-up yard. That is the reason why pipe relining cost is more affordable than pipe replacement.

  • Time-effective

Pipe relining tends to be quick and doesn’t require so much labor. A professional plumber will utilize small CCTV equipment to examine the exact problem and its causes that occur in your plumbing installation. You are also allowed to check the CCTV to get a clearer idea about the pipe damages. Then the pipe reliner will only take a few hours or a day to resolve your plumbing issues.

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2. Pipe Replacement

Although pipe relining is much more intriguing and beneficial, sometimes you can’t deny the fact that pipe replacement may be more effective to repair your plumbing damages. Pipe relining can fix leaking pipes at moderate levels, but it won’t work out for massive plumbing issues.

When the pipe destruction is intolerable for epoxy resin-filled lining, pipe replacement is more recommended. So how do you know when it is necessary?

You might have to replace your pipes in cases of:

  • extreme deterioration
  • corrosion
  • extensive tree root damage
  • severe leaks

If the exterior look of your plumbing system is completely disrupted, it would also be wiser to replace your old and damaged pipes with the new piping system instead of injecting a liner inside the existing installation. With this method, the piping network in your property will look better visually and increase the building’s value.

Pipe replacement may not cost a fortune depending on the location of the affected pipe. Your pipes will be as good as new as long as you don’t mind having some of your property temporarily demolished.

As we have unpacked the distinction between two alternative solutions to your plumbing issues, we advise you not to deal with a pipe repair alone by doing some DIY methods as they might cause other unwanted damages. We highly recommend you ask for advice from a professional plumber to decide which method is the most effective for your plumbing system.