Are Electric Unicycles Self-Balancing?

Are Electric Unicycles Self-Balancing?


An electric unicycle is a one-wheeled self-balancing machine operated by an electric motor. Typically, it can accommodate only one person. It has operated similarly to its Segway in that the rider’s actions determine the direction and rate of speed. Leaning forward or backward can slow or move the machine. A motorized unicycle can travel up to 20 miles per hour (32 kilometers/h).

If you move your weight towards the right or left with your feet, your self-balancing will rotate in the opposite direction than it would when you steer on a skateboard. So, if you have ever wondered how electric unicycles balance themselves? Yes! They do because of their construction. It is true that “magic” behind the self-balancing process are accelerometers, Gyroscopes along with the rim, as well as the motherboard. The gyroscope has the ability to be able to take any direction independently and is not affected by tilting or turning.   An electrical motor that gets its energy from rechargeable batteries powers the device.

As Technology Advances, Numerous Variants Of The Electric Unicycle Are Continuing To Develop

The most common model is one with only one wheel which houses the motor’s electric power and gyroscopes, rechargeable batteries, and various electronic components in the center. It also has two pedals that are flat on opposite sides of the wheel, on the foot of the rider. Modern electric bikes may offer riders a seat or handlebars to keep the rider in place the bike while riding. This machine requires a bit more experience of the rider than Scooter or SciChair and also some faith upon taking off. The faith shouldn’t be given lightly however, making a mistake as simple as wiring the motor in reverse (cough) could cause this machine to throw your face into the dirt.


Therefore, I highly recommend placing the bike on the floor, turning it on, then elevating the seat using two hands in readiness to raise it from the ground should there is a decision to completely engage the motor. When you’re satisfied that it’s detecting its tilt, lower the wheels on the ground, and slowly lean it on to test its ability to respond. After this, only then is it safe to attempt climbing onto the wheel, and, even then, wearing a helmet is highly advised.

Corresponding Skills

Although the electric unicycle can balance itself, however, you must learn how to keep your balance when riding it. Every movement you make that involves bending your knee, leaning forward, or forward will trigger the unicycle move. One of the best ways to view the self-balancing unicycle in action is via the Focus Designs YouTube Page.

There are 20 video clips that are sure to have your eyes glued until you purchase one. Daniel Wood & David Martschinske are the inventors and owners of the Self-Balancing Motorized Unicycle. Are they cool or what? One of the best ways to view the self-balancing unit in action is to visit the Focus Designs YouTube Page.