Finding a Place for Your TV: What are Your Options?

Finding a Place for Your TV: What are Your Options?

Do you have TV that you don’t know what to do with? Maybe you’re not satisfied with where it is, or how it distracts from your interior design skills in the room. We’ve got some pointers on where to put your TV if you’re not sure.

Near A Power Source

This should come first because it might well dictate where you keep your television. You will need a nearby power outlet, or a long extension cord to make sure that you can turn it on.

Something that might also have a say in the matter is where your satellite dish is. They’re usually drilled into the wall and are best to deal with when you have a long cable. Think about where your TV can realistically go without trailing cords across the floor.

In The Corner

The corner is kind of the standard when it comes to where to place your TV. TVs are getting wider and even curved, which doesn’t appeal to the corner aspect, when people are usually sitting off-center anyway. However, it does mean that the entire room can see it without taking up a wall that might space a radiator, cabinet, or sofa.

On A Bookshelf

A bookshelf can be a great way to hide your TV, avoid that crick in your neck, and use the vertical space you have. As long as you have a space big enough for your television, it can be integrated into the room along with your books, stereo and knick knacks as part of the décor. Discount furniture stores can offer you a diverse selection of versatile bookcases at affordable prices.

On The Wall

It’s becoming increasingly popular to mount your TV on the wall. And it makes sense. TVs are also getting flatter, and resemble the shape of a piece of art, so putting it where you would ordinarily see a nice landscape piece makes sense. It uses vertical space, leaving room for something underneath.

However, we will mention not to go too high with it. Above a large fireplace might be too far in the other direction, for example. It’s just for sheer pain’s sake. Do you want to develop a crick in your neck every time you switch on CSI Miami?

In Another Room

There is the option of just not having a TV in the communal guest room. No one is saying don’t have a TV, especially when laptops and tablets make that near impossible. But maybe move it to the bedroom or a spare room turned into a home cinema. You can always keep the living room a place for everyone to hang out without the interruption of the TV.

Behind A Painting

Do you remember that we mentioned that modern TV screens are starting to resemble paintings? Well, some people have run with that and encased their TV in a frame. Leave it on a personalised screensaver mode or let it cycle through photos for a giant canvas that can always change.

Other people have made a set of doors out of art for their TV screen. Cover your TV with a painting that swings open to reveal your Netflix account.