Top 6 Tips for Recycling Aluminum Cans

Top 6 Tips for Recycling Aluminum Cans

If you’re looking for more ways to help save Mother Earth while making some extra cash, you should look into recycling aluminum cans. Since we typically consume goods packaged in aluminum cans, collecting them is easy. A few cans here and there will add up to an extensive collection of aluminum cans over time. If you want to get the most out of your recycling efforts, here are some tips to help you gather more cans before heading to the nearest recycling center.

Determine If They’re Recyclable

Start your aluminum recycling journey by finding out whether the cans you’re eating or drinking out of are recyclable or not. Unfortunately, not all cans are made from aluminum; therefore, not all can be thrown into the recycling bin. In addition, while most cans used for food and beverage packaging are made from aluminum, some companies use non-recyclable materials. When in doubt, look for the recycling symbol or text confirming that the can is recyclable.

Take Out The Labels

Although aluminum cans are recyclable, the labels may not be. Therefore, removing all labels before dropping the cans at a recycling center is always best.

Rinse And Drain Cans

Giving the aluminum cans a gentle rinse is recommended before placing them into the recycle bin. Cans with residue are most likely to attract disease-carrying pests such as mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches, and more. Drain all solid or liquid residue from the cans by turning them upside down and letting them air dry for a few hours.

Crush Cans To Save Space

Crushing all the aluminum cans will save you precious space and allow you to haul twice as many, which means you can get paid more in a single trip to the recycling center.

Be Careful When Collecting Aluminum Cans In The Streets

One of the good things about collecting aluminum cans for recycling is that you can easily find them everywhere. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to dispose of them properly, so you can commonly see them beside the road or in trash bins. When collecting cans outside your home or property, exercise caution to avoid getting cut by sharp edges. If you are looking to gather aluminum cans from trash bins, it is best to wear gloves to protect yourself from injuries and pathogens.

Avoid Repurposing Aluminum Cans

Refrain from repurposing aluminum cans as ashtrays or as temporary storage for trinkets. When the time comes that you need to drop them off at a recycling center, you will have a difficult time taking them off. In addition, some recycling centers reject dirty aluminum cans, so ensure to adequately rinse them before heading to the recycling center.

Consider Stocking Up

Save time and earn more from aluminum recycling by stocking them in your garage until there is a large enough load that your vehicle can accommodate. You may collect metal cans in your basement or garage. You can pile them with other recyclable metal products.

Bottom Line

Recycling aluminum plays an integral part in reducing landfills and conserving valuable energy. It is also an easy way to contribute to the conservation of natural resources while earning extra income on the side.