9 Tips for Keeping Your Garden Furniture Clean

9 Tips for Keeping Your Garden Furniture Clean

Our garden furniture can easily become dirty. It lives outside and gets plenty of use, which means it gets covered in mud, dirt, food, drinks spills and other debris. Being outdoors also means that it’s at the mercy of the weather. Too much rain and wind can cause damage, and too much sun can lead to the growth of moss and algae and discolouration. Of course, how you keep your furniture clean will depend on the material, and you should always check the manufacturer’s instructions. But these general tips should help you to care for most wooden, plastic, or metal garden furniture.

Buy the Right Furniture

Cheap furniture generally won’t last as long as higher-quality options. It will break, wood will splinter and crack, it will scratch easily, and they’ll be plenty of places for bacteria and mould to grow and for dirt to get trapped. This will make keeping your furniture clean, tidy, and safe, much more difficult. The good news is high-quality, well-made garden furniture doesn’t have to be expensive. Take your time to look for deck chairs and a well-made outdoor furniture set that is built to last, and they’ll also be easier to clean and maintain.


Wooden furniture should be weatherproofed regularly. At least once a year make sure that after cleaning down you apply a coat or two of weatherproofing varnish or paint to keep it looking its best.

Pack Away for the Winter

In the winter, when the weather is likely to be colder, wetter, and windier, and you might not use your furniture as much, make sure you pack away as much as you can to prevent dirt build-up and damage while it’s not in use.

Invest in Covers

If you can’t pack your furniture away, or you just want to protect it from a summer shower, simply covering it with a tarp or other weatherproof protective sheet is a great idea. Just make sure it’s weighted or tied down so that it can’t blow off.

Regularly Wash Covers and Cushions

If any of your furniture has cushions or covers, try to bring them inside or cover them overnight. Even then, you should remove them and wash the covers in the washing machine at a low temperature at least once a month.

Brush Furniture Down

After every meal at an outdoor table, or before you wipe down any other furniture, first give it a good brush down with a simple soft-bristled brush. Keep a spare toothbrush to brush in any smaller spaces, to prevent debris and bacteria growth.

Wipe with Washing Up Liquid

Once you’ve brushed furniture down, wipe with a microfibre cloth and warm water and a tiny bit of washing-up liquid before leaving to dry.

Remove Algae

It’s common to find algae and moss have grown on wooden furniture in warm weather. Mix two parts white vinegar with one-part warm water and three tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda and wipe down thoroughly with a microfibre cloth or sponge. Leave to dry before rinsing with water.

Be Careful with the Jet Wash

A jet wash is a great way to quickly get rid of trapped dirt outside. But they can be very powerful and should be used carefully. Make sure you start any outdoor cleaning on the lowest setting to reduce the risk of damage.

Keeping your garden furniture clean and getting into good habits means that you can enjoy it for much longer, and it’s usually fairly easy to do.