UV LED – The New Superstar Of Printing Technology

UV LED – The New Superstar Of Printing Technology

While the standards of technology are evolving at a rapid speed and all of us believe that the printing industry is lagging behind, particularly due to the growth of the social web. However, printing still is a long way to advance because technology is driving it, but making sure that this sector does not be a swanky place. In addition to other methods, ultra-violet (UV) printing has been quietly emerging to be one of the more sought-after printing methods that companies are embracing to stand out from their competitors. Printing with UV technology lets printers operate in a safer and more sustainable environment, due to the non-emission of solvents into the air. If you are a small business owner and looking to add a new piece of equipment click here to find the best one.

Ultra-Violet Printing vs. Conventional Printing

Traditional Printing

The traditional printing techniques employ inks with specific solvents that are able to evaporate into the air after their application on the material when printing. The process of evaporation helps the absorption of ink onto the substrate, and after the solvents are evaporated the ink is dried, leaving an image that is digital. This process may necessitate additional spray powders in order to facilitate drying. Additionally, this method of printing cannot be applied to substances like acrylics, plastics, or foil.

UV Printing

UV printing is accomplished by using a UV LED printer that uses a number of fast procedures to print. The ink is applied onto the substrate and specially-designed UV light sources are used for drying the ink. The process is fast and results in a digital image in just a few minutes. The time to turnaround for UV printing is extremely fast since the inks are dried by photochemical processes. Because the evaporation of solvents is very minimal, virtually all inks are not absorbed into the material stock. Many companies have failed to use LED UV printing technology. Finding the best printing method will allow them to discern what is the distinction between real print and one made using traditional printing methods.

In this highly competitive market, in which you must grab the attention of viewers Utilizing UV printing technology will distinguish you from the rest of the market, due to its advantages like energy efficiency, speed-saving high-quality printing consistent printing, and the ability to adapt. UV printing technology is definitely the future of the printing and packaging industry.

LED UV Printing

Led-UV printing is the most advanced version of UV Printing technology generating the wavelength with a frequency of 385-395nm (n. This is more secure than the equivalent. The results are far more efficient when compared the conventional UV printing. Printing with LED UV is certainly more efficient in several ways. First of all, unlike UV printing which uses lead UV doesn’t require mercury-based lamps in order to treat inks. The absence of mercury lamps is a safer and less expensive option since the light produced is in the UV-A spectrum and is more secure than the UV. Furthermore, the power requirement is lower than conventional UV printing.

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LED UV printing offers durable quality that every business wants to achieve. The customers can benefit from enhanced colors on printed items with top-quality finishing which leaves a lasting impression on the purchaser. The most appealing aspect to consider is the fact that it’s green and sustainable since there is no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emission in the printing process. Businesses need to save money on infrastructure in order to install LED printing equipment. Additionally, consumers receive higher-quality products with a high gloss and luster.

UV Printing In Pharmaceutical Industry

Each label is not identical. There are different applications that require different printing technologies. It doesn’t matter if it’s food, sports, pharma durable, beverages, or cosmetics sector, each label has a distinct design and style. UV printing, also known as UV-printing is one type of security printing commonly used in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Pharmaceutical labels comprise medical and drug labels, in addition to other types. They are distinct from other kinds of labels because they are usually susceptible to forgery and counterfeiting. To guard against such methods, UV printing is extensively utilized in the pharmaceutical sector which can be further enhanced by serialization. Pharma printing utilizes transparent UV-based inks. It is among the most efficient methods used to avoid counterfeiting within the manufacturing of drugs. The inks aren’t visible to the naked eye, but they are visible when under the influence of Ultraviolet LEDs. Invisible UV inks provide a unique identification for pharmaceutical products, which helps to prevent fraud.

UV Print Technology in Food Packaging Industry

Personalization of products is a huge business worldwide which is why digital UV printing is a perfect opportunity to meet the demand to increase sales of your products and remain ahead of the curve. The traditional printing methods could be harmful since there was the possibility of food items becoming contaminated when the ink substances are transferred into food items within the packaging. These inks never were cured which meant there would always be a chance of contamination. Additionally, the packaging used to package the food items weren’t up to standards.

The use of UV inks within the industry of food packaging is extremely successful. UV inks cure during printing and leave the residue of no harmful solvents that could contaminate the food items inside the packaging. Many food producers around the world are using this method of food packaging, while still maintaining top quality standards for personalized packaging of food products.

Wrap Up

UV printing is a major emerging trend in the industry. It is expected to continue growing in the near future and will be used in a variety of industries. Eco-friendly and cost-effective as well as its wide range of applications UV printing is definitely the future of the packaging and printing business.