When to Schedule an Emergency Furnace Repair?

When to Schedule an Emergency Furnace Repair?

Knowing when to schedule emergency furnace repairs is always helpful. Keep in mind that the winter months are some of the busiest times of the year for HVAC professionals. You may need to book an appointment well in advance, while furnace emergency services can be significantly delayed during the winter.

The best case scenario for avoiding heat loss when you need it most is to be aware of the warning signs ahead of time so you can schedule a routine furnace tune-up before calling for emergency furnace repair. Here are some warning signs that you need to book a furnace service or emergency furnace repair.

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A Yellow Flame in your Furnace

It’s so simple. If you visually check the light on the stove and see a yellow or orange flame, it means that the gas is not burning hot enough. Not only is this an indicator that your furnace isn’t working properly, but it could also mean that carbon monoxide is leaking. A carbon monoxide leak can lead to serious health problems and even a fire hazard. You will need to call a professional HVAC repair company right away to safely fix the problem. This is not something you should try to fix yourself.

The Fan does not Turn off

This is a common problem that is sometimes caused by human error. If you’ve noticed that the furnace fan won’t turn off or just runs continuously, first check to make sure your thermostat is set to auto and not accidentally set to on. If you have ruled out human error and your thermostat is set to automatic mode, but your furnace is still running even though it has reached the set temperature, then it is likely that your furnace and thermostat are not communicating properly and there is a connection problem. Your HVAC technician will be able to assess whether this is a mechanical failure or an electrical problem with the thermostat and/or the furnace itself.

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The Carbon Monoxide Detector Keeps Going Off

When your carbon monoxide detector goes off, you should take it seriously. A carbon monoxide leak can be harmful to your home and your family, not to mention you. A number of different issues could be triggering the detector, such as a gas leak or a problem with your furnace’s ventilation system, but all must be addressed immediately by a professional furnace repair technician.

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