The Good and Bad Sides of White Kitchen Cabinets

The Good and Bad Sides of White Kitchen Cabinets

You are an alien on planet earth if you have never come across white cabinets. They are the types of drawers considered the most popular with classic and contemporary designers and homeowners.

To many people, white cabinets are a must-buy, thanks to the functionality, versatility, and beauty of these drawers. However, to others, white drawers are nothing more than overrated cabinetry options.

In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of white cabinets. Read on to find out how you can leverage white kitchen cabinets in interior design.

Is white a Good Color for Kitchen Cabinets?

Have you ever considered incorporating the color white inside your pantry? If not, then you need to do so for various reasons. White is a good color choice for kitchen interiors because it can reflect more light to make a cookhouse look lively and spacious. In addition, white has a clean and sleek appearance that can make your pantry look not just spacious but hygienic.

The best place you can incorporate white in your kitchen is on the cabinetry. Besides making it easy to style your kitchen, white cabinets can enhance functionality in your kitchen, based on the neutral properties of their white shade.

Here’s all you need to know about white kitchen cabinets.


From farmhouse-styled to vintage and modern shakers, white cabinets come in countless designs and styles. Depending on your preferred kitchen interior design, you can easily find all-white or two-toned whitish drawers of any design. Moreover, because the color white has multiple shades, white drawers are versatile in terms of color features.

Beauty and Glamor

The beauty and glamour commonly associated with white cabinets stem from their whitish shade as white is a popular standard of beauty. Because of the simplicity of their shade, white cabinets have stood the test of time in terms of popularity in interior design.

White drawers can amplify the appearance of various interior decorative aspects in your kitchen, thanks to the fact that white is good at reflecting light.


White kitchen cabinets are a winning bet in terms of making a cooking space look bigger or more spacious. If you adore lively kitchens, then these drawers are the best for you because of the mere fact that their brighter white shade can reflect light to your pantry. White cabinetries are also easy to repaint because of the uncomplicated properties of the color white and its various shades.

Pros and Cons of White Kitchen Cabinets

As we already, white cabinets are good to some people and unattractive to others. You need to acquaint yourself with their advantages and disadvantages to determine whether or not they are the best for your kitchen.


1. White Cabinets Can Make a Small Kitchen Look Big

If your kitchen hall somehow appears to be smaller in terms of size, you can seamlessly leverage white cabinetries to create the impression of a larger kitchen. Any white shade on the drawers can reflect a significant amount of light into your pantry making it open while letting every item stand out.

2. White Cabinets and Clean Kitchens

Because of their clean and sharp outlook, it is easy to spot stains, scratches, or dirt marks on white drawers. Hence, with them, your kitchen is more likely to constantly look clean and hygienic. Unlike light-shaded drawers, dark cabinets can make a kitchen hall dusty because they are good at hiding dust and dirt marks.

3. White Cabinets are Cost-Effective

From purchase and installation, to repair or maintenance, white kitchen cabinets are generally the most cost-effective. This is based on the ease of accessing white paints as well as the neutral properties of white which makes it easy to blend white drawers with materials of different colors. If cabinets whose resell value will increase with time, then you need to consider white drawers.

4. White Cabinets are Durable

Besides their beauty, functionality, and versatility, all-white cabinet design varieties are known to be extremely enduring. Because white can easily hide scratches compared to black, white drawers can stand the test of time in terms of maintaining their outstanding look. If you use to install them in a kitchen with less traffic, be sure that their beauty and functionality will be everlasting.


1. Strenuous Cleaning

Because they can easily expose dirt marks and scratches, white kitchen cabinets can prove to be discouraging in terms of regular cleaning exercises.  If you don’t clean your whitish drawers regularly, your pantry can easily look dirty and unhygienic. This is why white drawers are often recommended for cookhouses with less traffic.

2. White Cabinets and Cold Interiors

While white is can reflect light, it can easily make the interior of your kitchen feel like a hospital, especially if you let white dominate. To avoid this, you need to pair white drawers with bold colors like pink, grey, green, and black. Below are the places you can incorporate colors to add warmth to a kitchen with white cabinets.

  • Backsplashes
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Ceiling
  • Cabinet and kitchen hardware

Are White Kitchen Cabinets Worth It?

The good sides of white cabinets outweigh their disadvantageous aspects. Hence, it’s justifiable to say that white kitchen cabinets are worth any homeowners’ consideration in terms of interior design. Because of the flexibility of white in blending with other colors, whitish drawers will continue to be popular options when it comes to kitchen interior décor.

Compared to other cabinetry designs, white drawers are easier to find, install, and repair. They are also compatible with all types of kitchens, thanks to their versatility in terms of design features. White drawers are also currently on top of kitchen cabinet trends, a fact that justifies their worth.

Final Thoughts

White kitchen cabinets have been popular in homes, from classic to contemporary times. Because of their positive and negative aspects, these drawers draw likes and dislikes in almost equal measure. Knowing their good and bad sides are, however, a step towards knowing how best to incorporate them into your house.

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