Do You Know STEEL Structure Carport?

Do You Know Steel Structure Carport?

A carport is a simple structure that protects a car from wind, sun and rain. Especially in public places, such as office buildings, shopping malls, stations, high-speed service areas, schools, communities, parks, etc., various carports can be seen, and the most popular ones now are steel structure carports. Steel structure carports are popular among people due to their simplicity, practicality and beauty. It has similar functions as garage but more simple and practical.

  1. Simple and convenient. Especially in the hot summer or cold winter, the carport can provide a relatively comfortable environment for the car, which will not be affected by the extreme climate. Even if we park for a short time or rest in the car, we do not need to endure the hot sunshine or erosion of heavy rain. In public places, carports are more practical than garages. Carports can accommodate more vehicles and are easier to park to save time. Carports are more economical, relatively simple to use even when out of service or demolished, and can be recycled and reused.
  2. Strong and durable. The steel structure carport has a very simple structure and is particularly convenient to install. Its main structure is the vertical pole, but the characteristics of the steel structure are high strength, earthquake resistance, and strong wind resistance. Even simple structures are resistant to the effects of extreme climates. Steel structure components are basically of standard design, processed in the factory, and installed directly on site. Installation and disassembly are very simple and do not require much labor. And they are all anti-corrosion design and have long service life.
  3. Strong practicality. The steel structure carport can not only provide shade and rain protection, but also maintain good ventilation. Not only can you park cars, but you can also park bicycles, electric vehicles, tricycles, etc. It can be used not only in large public places, but also in small places such as residential areas, private courtyards, and factory yards.
  4. Beautiful and fashionable. The steel structure carport has a beautiful and unique shape, which subverts the shape of the traditional structure carport. It is simpler and more elegant, more beautiful, more practical and convenient. It not only creates a beautiful image for the development of the city, adds color to the urban environment, but is also a sign of the times.

There are various styles of steel structure carports. The main structures include round tubes, square tubes, shaped steel, etc. The main panels are PC solar panels, color steel panels, glass, cable membrane, etc. Each material has different performance, appearance, service life, and economy, and can be selected independently based on actual needs.

Steel structure carports have strong durability and stability, can withstand severe weather, and provide better protection for vehicles. Steel structure carports have been widely used. Steel structure carports can be seen in shopping malls, office buildings, factory yards, highway service areas, farms, residential areas, charging stations and other places. With the development of the times, the application of steel structure carports will become more and more widespread. In fresh markets such as vegetables, fruits, and seafood, you will also see steel structure carports sheltering the original open-air market from wind and rain, making it more convenient for people to trade.