Moving Strategies

Moving Strategies for Remote Workers to Feel Better

Getting Your Steps in While Working from Home

In recent years, many of us have swapped office spaces for the comfort of our own homes, with companies embracing either fully remote or hybrid work setups.

Though this flexible approach to work has its perks, it also poses a challenge for staying active. Extended periods of sitting can negatively affect our health, leading to a more sedentary lifestyle and increasing the risk of various health problems.

However, it’s crucial to weave movement into our daily schedules to keep both our bodies and minds in good shape, even when we’re working remotely. To help with this, here are five practical tips to ensure you stay active and rack up those steps from home in combination with modern standing desk use. 

Take Regular Breaks

Working from home might feel comfortable, but it can also lead to long hours in front of your computer without proper breaks. It’s vital for both your physical and mental health to take frequent pauses. Set a goal to step away from your desk every hour — even if it’s just for a few minutes. This could be a quick tea break, lunch, or a simple stretch. Setting a reminder, like using a Google Chrome Break Timer, can help you stick to this routine. When the alarm rings, take a lap around your house or step out into your yard.

Use an Under-Desk Treadmill or Exercise Board

While hitting 10,000 daily steps might seem unreachable for those of us glued to our home offices, there are innovative tools designed to keep us moving. Under-desk treadmills or exercise boards are great for this. These devices are tailored for the home office, fitting neatly under desks and allowing you to walk while you work. They’re specifically made for busy professionals who find it hard to carve out time for traditional workouts.

By integrating these methods into your daily work-from-home routine, you can fight the sedentary lifestyle and boost your health, even while meeting your professional responsibilities.

Exploring the Advantages of an Under-Desk Treadmill

Using an under-desk treadmill while you work has several benefits for both your mind and body.

Physical and Health Benefits

Walking instead of sitting while working helps seamlessly integrate physical activity into your day. It not only helps burn calories but also boosts your overall health. Additionally, under-desk treadmills combat the harmful effects of too much sitting, which can include poor posture, decreased blood circulation, and increased back pain.

Convenience and Fitness

These treadmills provide a handy way to exercise right at your desk. This is especially beneficial for people with tight schedules who find it tough to carve out specific times for workouts. With an under-desk treadmill, you can stay active and fit without ever leaving your desk.

Mental Benefits and Productivity

Research shows that walking while working can improve focus, creativity, and mental clarity, leading to better productivity and higher-quality work. Regular use of an under-desk treadmill has also been associated with reduced stress and anxiety levels.

What About Balance/Exercise Boards?

A balance board, or exercise board, offers a unique alternative to the under-desk treadmill. For example, the Gymba balance board is an eco-friendly option that simulates walking by engaging your legs, ankles, and feet while you stand at your desk.

Using These Tools with a Standard Desk

Generally, under-desk treadmills and exercise boards are designed for use with a standing desk because they require you to be upright. If your desk isn’t adjustable, this setup might not work as you won’t have the proper height to use your desk effectively while standing. However, if you have a desk that can switch between sitting and standing, you could alternate between sitting for a period and then raising the desk to walk or stand as needed.

Incorporating these tools into your work routine can significantly enhance your health and productivity by making it easier to stay active throughout the day.

Maximizing Movement: Walking Strategies for Remote Workers

These several recommendations will change your daily life and make you feel more energized and productive to cope with a bigger amount of work and still feel good at the end of the day. 

Take a Stroll During Your Lunch Break

Stepping out for a walk during your lunch break is an excellent way to blend some physical activity into your day. Just a brief walk around your neighborhood or local area can elevate your heart rate, boost circulation, and increase your daily step count. Moreover, spending time outside, particularly in parks or other green spaces, has been shown to lower stress levels and enhance relaxation. This break can be particularly valuable on stressful days, providing a moment to unwind and recharge before returning to work tasks.

Early Morning or Post-Work Walks

Another effective strategy to maximize your step count while working from home is to use the time around your work hours. Consider waking up an hour earlier to enjoy a brisk walk in your neighborhood, or unwind after your workday with an evening stroll. These activities not only help increase your physical activity but also assist in mentally transitioning into and out of your workday, helping to clear your mind before starting or after finishing your tasks.

Walk During Phone Calls

Our final tip involves integrating walking into your communication routines. Whenever possible, try taking phone calls while walking around your home or yard. This requires a wireless headset or headphones to allow freedom of movement away from your desk while keeping your hands free. The same principle applies to meetings — instead of sitting through virtual meetings, why not propose walking meetings? This approach works best for meetings without a need for visual aids or shared screens. Encouraging walking meetings can also promote a culture of health within your team, allowing everyone to stay active while discussing important topics.

These simple changes to your daily routine can significantly enhance your productivity and well-being by incorporating more steps into your day. Staying active is key, even more so when your work setup is predominantly sedentary.

Enhance Your Workspace for Movement

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