Things That HR Departments Do For Employees

Below are some reasons why you may want to pay a visit to your HR manager’s office.

You may be under the impression that HR focuses its attention on assisting the company to succeed, and not for career assistance for individual staff members. This may be true, but a company will not succeed without great employees, and the best employees are always looking for ways to advance their careers.

An HR manager may be able to assist you with creating a map to help you reach your next goal. For example, if you would like to become a CFO, the HR manager will help you to identify your strong and weak points and guide you down different career paths. As a bonus, when a team from senior leadership is looking for an employee to do X and Y if you have told your HR manager that this is something that interests you, chances are your name will probably be one of the first to be mentioned.

How To Manage Your Manager

Not all managers are great at what they do, and not every great manager is perfect for each employee. Whether your manager is a micro-managing idiot or you just don’t get along, your HR department might be able to help you.

Professional Tip: Avoid complaining about the manager, rather ask for suggestions on how to improve the situation. Here is an example of an opening phrase “ Peter and I often clash, are you able to give me advice on how to get along better?”

Personal Issues

An HR manager is not a lawyer, priest, or a therapist, so it would be unwise to expect confidential advice or free therapy sessions from them. However, it is important to request that he or she keep what you say confidential if this is what you prefer. The HR manager may respond that they are unable to keep what you say confidential in certain instances. For example, if you make a complaint that another employee or your boss has harassed you sexually, the HR department by law is required to conduct an investigation.  They can also advise  you on disciplinary and grievance procedures

But if you have debt problems or even issues in your marriage, your HR manager could direct you to an EAP (Employee Assistance Program). If you have an ex that won’t leave you alone, the HR manager can notify reception or security about the situation or assist with making plans to ensure your safety. Pro Tip- the contact details for EAP is most likely on the website of your company, but you can also discuss these issues with HR.

Medical Problems

Does one of your family members of yourself have a health issue? Is your spouse or you pregnant? It is important to schedule a visit with your HR department. If you are forced to stay away from work for a health issue such as persistent migraines without saying anything about it, you may risk losing your job due to violating the attendance policies in place. If you approach HR, you will be allowed to complete the necessary paperwork so that you are legally protected.

Your issue may be included in the Americans With Disabilities Act or even the Family Medical Leave Act. With either one, you will need assistance. Avoid assuming that your manager will be aware of the reason why you are absent and that it makes you eligible for protection. Keep in mind that these are laws that may also protect your loved ones if you require time off to care for a family member that is seriously ill.

Whistle Blowing Of Any Kind

Some of the larger corporations offer anonymous “tip lines” for any violations that you may have seen, while others will have an elected person to talk to. Yet you are also able to approach Human Resources on these issues, such as whistleblowing. You are able to report on security or safety violations to an HR department. They will go about setting up an investigation.

 Assist You In Navigating The Law

It is important to not confuse an HR manager with an employment law attorney, yet they do still know a lot about the basics surrounding employment laws. If one of your co-workers has complained about another employee that is acting in an inappropriate way, you are able to report this type of harassment to HR and ask for advice.

If another employee is threatening to lay a charge against you, make sure you report this incident immediately, even if you are unsure of this person’s true intentions. Never allow a legal issue to build. HR will have the necessary resources to guide you, and they will also know when it is necessary to contact an attorney.