9 Chic and Lovely Ways to Surprise Your LOVE This Valentine’s Day

9 Chic and Lovely Ways to Surprise Your LOVE This Valentine’s Day

“Where there is love, there is life.” It’s true, and the season of love is coming soon. So, start planning for the upcoming Valentine’s day now. Although each day is memorable with your partner, an occasion like this is perfect for showing your love interestingly.

It’s not about expensive gifts, but some quality time and making your partner know how much you adore them. So, let’s have a look at some fantastic ways to Surprise Your LOVE this Valentine’s Day.

#1 Decorate a Cozy Corner

What’s better than completing a cozy corner and having some quality chit-chat? First, you can create a cozy corner by setting up a floor mattress. Then, add decorative string lights, organic fume-less scented candles, a food tray, and many pictures.

Create an excellent backdrop with the help of love wall art, which has inspirational quotes. Shop unique wall art with illustrations of Valentine wall decoration like canvas. They look so premium, are lightweight, and durable. They can forever stay intact in your cozy nook. Also, hang polaroid prints of your photos with all funny, emotional, and best moments.

#2 Plan an Exceptional Date

Love Every Stupid Thing About You Multi Panel Canvas Wall Art

Don’t ignore the traditional date and execute a perfect date. Instead, opt for that dream place with the best food and drinks. You can ask restaurants to decorate your table with photos and flowers to make it all romantic. Then, dress up like the perfect couple. This plan will surely make your partner go awe-struck.

#3 A Trip for Wanderlust Couples

If you both enjoy trips and outings, you can have a fantastic day. So, take off the location from your bucket list and plan a day or two days trip. First, prepare the perfect itinerary; you can drive or take public transport. Then, spend an entire day exploring the location, eating, and staying at a romantic place.

Also, one can plan a picnic in nearby spots with the best food. Finally, you can do your favorite adventures like hiking and water activities to enjoy the day to the fullest. This will be the most out-of-the-box romantic trip of your life.

#4 A love Letter With Chits in Mason Jar

If you’re old school, never think it’s cheesy to tell your feelings through cute gestures. First, write heartfelt love letters on a decorative paper rolled like a scroll with a ribbon.

With it a gift, a mason jar full of LED light. Next, write your partner’s unique qualities on chits and put them in a mason jar. This is one of the cutest, most uncomplicated, and most memorable Valentine’s day surprises.

#5 Present a Timeline of Your Love Story

Present a timeline of your love story. It can be in the form of a slideshow, a photo book, or wall prints. You can give tags dates and write some amazing stuff about the image. This will make you cherish all the past, and you will have the best day reminiscing about your bond.

#6 Breakfast Brunch in Bed

Lovers Wall Art

Surprise your partner with brunch in bed. Yey! Flaunt all your cooking skills and prepare what they like the most. Then, wake them up with a cozy, decorated brunch with scented candles, warm white LED lights and some appreciation. Your efforts will surprise your love, and it’s the best start for Valentine’s day.

#7 Volunteer Together

Valentine’s day is an ofcourse about appreciating each other and showing love through various means. But, you can also spend quality time in the form of social work.

If you love such efforts, you can visit an orphanage or an old age home and celebrate Valentine’s day there. In addition, you can go to a clean-up drive, tree plantation drive, and much more. This plan will make your partner feel proud, and it will be the best valentines day to date.

#8 Set a Treasure Hunt

Do some fun and set a treasure hunt at home for your partner. You can give them clues. Hide small gifts like apparel, jewelry, makeup, watches, etc. This is an exciting way to spend the day with your loved ones. They will be shocked and surprised by your thoughtful plan.

#9 Movie Night

Suppose you both are movie maniacs. A movie night can be the best surprise for your better half. Watch new movies in the theater followed by a classy dinner. Or you can set up a cozy movie in your room with the help of a projector. Then, decorate the room romantically with some bed dinner. Watching a movie together with the best food will certainly make your loved one so happy.

Let’s Wrap It

So, sway away all your confusion and pick something from the ideas discussed above. Ofcourse, you can customize the ideas according to your partner’s interest. Planning the perfect Valentine’s day is a daunting task as you want it to be the best. So, get going and pick your favorite idea and tell us how you execute it. Have a happy Valentine’s day!