Air Conditioning Unit

5 Tips To Repair Your Air Conditioning Unit

Summer is nearly approaching and the humidity is already felt most especially in tropical countries. People are looking for their own ways to beat the heat but in times wherein most of the countries ask their people to stay indoors there is an essential tool to suppress the heat of the summer, the air conditioner.

Listed here are tips on how to check if an air conditioning service or repair is needed,

Check the breaker

Checking your breaker may save some money and frustration, if some of your appliances are on the same breaker, it may just get tripped that makes your unit not operate at the time. Simply reset the breaker.

Turn off then turn on your unit again.

One simple way to check if your AC already needs is to turn it off then putting it on once again. If your unit turns off by itself, it might be a major problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

Clean it regularly.

Sometimes the unit functions poorly because of the dirt accumulated, cleaning the unit regularly not only keeps your AC function normally but also keeps your family healthy. Imagine the dust swirling around the air.

Setting the thermostat.

Thermostat controls the temperature of your AC. To make sure that the unit emits cool air during humid weather, set your thermostat to high whichever suits your preference.

Remember your AC’s annual check-up.

Like other appliances you AC also need an inspection from a pro, like someone from Air conditioning Birmingham.It is better to do it early before the issues get worse that may lead to costly repairs or replacement of your unit if neglected.

If your unit still doesn’t function normally after trying out the suggestions above, then maybe it is time to consider consulting a technician or replace the whole unit itself. If your AC is not yet 10 years old, you can consider a repair for it.

Depending on the type of air conditioner unit and property type you have, prices will differ slightly and may range approximately for;

  • Ducted system repairs: $70 – $130.
  • Gas heating repairs: $95 – $180.
  • Inverter system repairs: $100 – $190.
  • Multi-split system repairs: $120 – $220.
  • Split system repairs: $85 – $160.
  • VRV system repairs: $140  – $250.
  • Consider also the type of the unit because it will also affect the total cost.

You can hire an air conditioning repair professional to do the job for you. Hiring the best professional help can save you from more expenses than hiring someone who will come back and fix the mistakes. Make sure he has the license and certifications you can also get references from your friends and reviews from previous customers.

However, your air conditioning unit uk is not built to last a lifetime, if it is already more than 10 years old, no longer energy efficient and its coolant or Freon is already phase out, repairs became expensive, even if it was already fixed it still displays issues over time, and most especially it no longer cools your place as before, you might want to consider to replace the whole unit.