8 Tips for Reducing Heating Costs in Winter

8 Tips for Reducing Heating Costs in Winter

Everyone loves to stay warm and snuggly in cold winter. Home heating systems seem like an angel that keeps your house cozy in the freezing winter. But this angel begins to seem like a devil when you receive a heating bill that’s much higher than expected. In such a situation, reducing heating costs might become your utmost priority.

You can’t reduce energy prices, neither shiver in the cold. So, how to lower heating bills? Many strategies can help you reduce your heating bills.

If you are a house owner and searching for how to lower heating costs, don’t worry. We have collected eight awesome tips that are inexpensive as well as effective for reducing heating bills in cold winters. Let’s have a look.

1.Bundle Up

When winter comes, you should wear clothes that suit the weather. Wearing shorts and half sleeves in winter is eccentricity, even if you are at your house. Dress up in something that keeps you cozy in cold weather. Put on a jersey or cardigan over your shirt; wear pants instead of shorts, and bundle up your feet with socks and fuzzy shoes.

Dressing up warmly allows you to lower the temperature of your thermostat. A lower temperature means lesser fuel consumption and lesser heating bills. Warm yourself with clothes as it doesn’t cost you anything, and it can help you reduce your heating bill.

2.Cook and Bake at Home

Cooking is not a difficult task. It becomes much easier in winter. You can cook and bake more comfortably in winter than in summer. Cooking your favorite dishes at home not only saves your restaurant bills but also assists you in reducing heating costs.

While cooking and baking, your oven transmits heat in the surroundings that can warm your kitchen and surrounding rooms. Also, let the oven door open after cooking. The oven has considerable heat even after turning it off that radiates out in surrounding rooms when you open its door. By cooking and baking at home, you can keep your house warm. It will allow you to lower down the heating system, and the low heat consumption will lead to lower heating bills.

3. Turning Down the Thermostat

While you are working on lowering your heat bill, turning your thermostat can prove to be fruitful. You can save up to 10% per year on heating by lowering the thermostat by 7 to 17 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can turn down your thermostat when nobody is at the house. You can also save a considerable amount of energy by setting the thermostat up to 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Lower the temperature of your thermostat at night.

It is recommended to lower the temperature of your heating system at night. At night, you can curl up under your blanket while sitting on a couch or in bed to keep yourself warm. Put on two or more blankets for comfortably lowering down the temperature of your thermostat at night.

4. Use Solar Heat

Using solar energy is the easiest way to warm your house and is relatively affordable. You might not see the sun daily in winter but whenever you get a chance, use it. You can make your house cozy by opening the shades and curtains on a sunny day. Using solar heat for warming your house can reduce your heating bills. While enjoying the solar heat in the daytime, keep in mind to close the doors and windows at night.

5.Use Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are not only useful in summer for cooling your room, but also help you a lot in winter for heating your house. A ceiling fan can distribute the hot air all over the house and lower heating bills. They provide an incredible way to distribute all the heat in your room uniformly.

While using the ceiling fan for heating, reverse the rotation of the blades. The hot air being lighter goes up and is trapped near the ceiling. The clockwise rotation of the blades allows the hot air to travel down and warm all the things in the room.

6.Service the Heating System

Like everything, your heating system also gets dirty with time if you do not clean it regularly. Dust and debris can block your system that not only reduces its working efficiency but also costs you a huge heating bill. If you use the heating system without clearing up the obstruction, it can also lead your house to a greater fire risk. Cleaning the filters of your furnace also contributes to lowering the heating cost and improving its efficiency.

According to Paradise Developments, regular servicing of your system not only improves its efficiency but also helps a lot in reducing heating bills. Choose a suitable service for the heating system, so you could maintain a clean and clear heating system.

7.Installing Weather Stripping

Weatherstripping is an adhesive material that you can attach under the doors and windows. It is a flexible material that seals the spaces under doors and windows that act as a vent for the hot air. The hot air can escape through space under doors and windows. Installing weather stripping can reduce the heat loss from the spaces under the door and windows, so you don’t have to pay more bills.

There are various types of weather stripping, including tension steel, felt, reinforced foam, tape, magnetic, and door sweep weather stripping. The price of weather stripping varies depending on its material.

8.Insulate the Attic

Better insulating your attic can significantly reduce heating costs. A poorly insulated attic can vent the heat, and you need more heating to keep your house warm. It ultimately leads to a huge heating bill.

For copying it, you can use plastic, saran wrap, weather stripping, and old blankets. By properly insulating the attic, you can experience a lower heating bill than before.

Final Verdict

If you are tired of paying huge heating bills, then it’s time to cut it short. Employ the above tips and save your fuel and money. The above tips will surely prove to be fruitful on your way to reduce heating bills.