Designing a house is no child’s play; you need careful planning and proper execution to turn your vision into reality. People spend countless hours browsing through Pinterest posts just to find the right design for their house. The online suggestions most definitely come in handy when you want to renovate a particular space. However, when it comes to bathroom design, it will take a little more than just inspiration; you need to plan for plumbing and draining to realize your vision. Continue reading this article to find out valuable tips for designing your bathroom.

Personal Taste: A bathroom is where one does most of their thinking. This space is very personal and therefore should reflect one’s individualistic aesthetic. Depending on the size of the room, you can draw the blueprint of the bathroom. A sink, a commode, and a bath are the three essential things that every bathroom must have; now, if you have more space, you can incorporate other features in the bathroom.

  • One might wonder how a bathroom can reflect one’s personality. Well, the approach is simple; just like every room in your house reflects one’s sense of style and design, the bathroom too should exhibit one’s sense of beauty.
  • Be specific about your requirements before choosing the bathroom walls and floor tiles. The floor can be made of marble or tiles as well. Most people go for light colors in their bathroom to make it appear spacious and open. If you like a bit of unique architectural styles, you can very well go for darker tones on the bathroom walls. Deep green and glossy tiles, black marbles on the bathroom floor can create such grave and inspiring tones.

Cost-Effective Solutions: One might easily get carried away if one solely focuses on the aesthetic of the space. If you don’t have a tight budget and can be as creative as you want to be, there is nothing better than that. However, if you like to keep the cost low, you must be willing to change your expectations according to your budget. You can create the same aesthetic you had in mind by purchasing similar but lower-priced products. One may have to visit the local stores a few times to get the things they want at a low price, but one can surely find similar items cheaper.

There are many ways you can cut down the construction cost and decoration costs without having to eliminate the idea of your dream bathroom. For example, you may go for a cheaper bathtub than the original you wanted to purchase. A bathtub, cheaper or pricey, will act the same if you think about it. Furthermore, you can use similar shades in low-priced variants instead of going for imported marbles on the floor and walls. The same rule applies to bathroom vanities. One living in San Diego may look for cheap bathroom vanities in San Diego to save further costs. Be sure to purchase one that suits your requirements without putting a dent in the pocket.

Lighting: You may incorporate natural lighting by opening a small window in the bathroom, or you can also install mood lighting that allows you to sit and relax in the bathroom for hours. The mood lighting can create an ambiance fit for one to reflect.