Top Tips For Making Your Rooftop Bar A Hit During High Season

Top Tips For Making Your Rooftop Bar A Hit During High Season

In addition to offering an excellent view of the city, you can also create a unique atmosphere for your patrons. Here are some tips to get started: Dress patrons smartly for a great first impression, provide access to the roof, offer seating for private events, and prepare for adverse weather. Read on to discover some top tips for rooftop bars. Then, put these tips to good use!

Providing Access To The Rooftop

During high season, hotel guests often expect easy access to the rooftop bar. Providing access to a rooftop bar requires additional staffing, but it is well worth it. To provide better service, consider opening the rooftop bar to the public for a fee.

Providing reasonable access for people with disabilities to the rooftop bar is also important. Raising the existing elevators or stairs might be necessary to provide adequate handicapped access. In addition, local regulators may require adequate emergency access. Some cities require tall barriers on rooftop decks to prevent accidents.

Providing Seating Space For Private Events

Consider arranging a buyout when planning a birthday party or other event at your rooftop bar. It will help you get the party the venue needs without sacrificing your overall space and service. If you can’t find enough seating, rent out a portion of your rooftop bar, and you can even rent out the entire venue for an event.

Preparing For Adverse Weather

Before launching your restaurant, prepare your rooftop space for adverse weather during the high season. Invest in durable outdoor furniture, such as heavy cocktail glasses. It would help if you also had an assortment of napkins and bottles of water. Although a rooftop may have a small kitchen, make sure it’s fully stocked with all your necessities, including alcohol. It would be best if you also had an umbrella or awning ready for guests who prefer not to run indoors during the heat.

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Create A Story In Your Rooftop Bar

A rooftop bar like is a fantastic way to make your rooftop location stand out from the crowd. While many of these establishments are not technically located on top of a building, the views from these places are breathtaking, and the drinks and bites are of the highest quality. These unique locations can also elevate a date night or a get-together to a higher level.

Provide Social Media Content

You can easily reach a younger crowd during the high season by providing social media content that appeals to their interests. A popular platform for this purpose is TikTok. These videos are short, fun, and offer tremendous creative opportunities. Incorporate live music to get people excited about your rooftop bar, and make the music videos a part of your bar’s social media strategy.

Using Instagram is a great way to promote your rooftop bar. Instagram is an incredible visual tool, so encouraging your patrons to post photos and mention your business on their feeds can be highly beneficial. It will increase the number of followers, but it will provide your business with a significant boost in terms of social proof. In addition to sharing photos, you can host contests to promote your bar on Instagram.

Another way to draw a crowd is to host a poetry slam or an artistic event. For young people, such events can bring a lot of buzz to your rooftop bar. Similarly, you can create a page for your bar on Facebook and collaborate with influencers in the area. You can also create a free Facebook invitation for your followers. These are some of the simple and most effective marketing techniques for your new rooftop bar.

Offer Private Events

If you’re a rooftop bar consider offering private events at your venue. While the average rooftop bar features a stairway leading to the top, this may not be the most convenient way for all guests to get to the top. Guests with disabilities or elderly guests may find it difficult to climb stairs. If you have an elevator, make sure your guests know where to go.

If you’re planning to host an event, post signs warning guests of inappropriate behaviour and post information on your rooftop bar’s insurance policy. Be sure to relay details to the event organizers and familiarise them with the legalities surrounding a rooftop business. If your rooftop space doesn’t have a security guard on duty, hire one on-site to watch over your events. Alternatively, hire additional security guards for your private events.