SAK Developments: Over 38 Years of Experience in the Real Estate Field.

SAK Developments: Over 38 Years of Experience in the Real Estate Field.

About SAK Developments:

This developer has succeeded to develop 25 projects and deliver 15,000 units which is result of years of hard working and studying of the market well, not only that SAK Developments always seeks to achieve many local and regional successes, such as: development, tourism and industrial projects.

SAK Company was capable of developing many residential and commercial successful projects in the Delta in Egypt.

Due to the previous experience of their consultants with the government and the Arab contractors, SAK was able to know what the market needs and wants in the real estate field, how to develop projects in a high standard quality and where their projects must be destinated as to choose the perfect locations for their customers and investors.

And for that SAK Developments always delivering the best projects to their clients with full services and facilities that promotes a better lifestyle.

SAK Developments Previous Work:

SAK Company made sure to be known as one of the best real estate companies with their massive success by developing those outstanding projects.

Here’s some of their previous project that made a huge success without a doubt, as the investors were impressed by SAK developments and their work.

Sueno New Capital is one of the most luxurious compounds in the New Capital that is developed by SAK, they were able to catch the attention of the customers by this magnificent compound from its outstanding exterior and interior designs as the design of Sueno is inspired by the Spanish architecture.

As well the prices of the compound that SAK Developments set for its customers is extremely special and affordable as the apartment price starts from 920,000 Egyptian Pounds with a 0% down payment and the rest of the payment can be over 7 years of installments.

Top 10 Features In Town Gate New Administrative Capital | Real Estate Egypt

The facilities of the compound that was made by SAK Developments are countless which promote a better lifestyle for the residents, for instance:

  • The green landscape and artificial lakes for tranquility and calmness.
  • In addition to providing tracks for running, cycling for sports enthusiasts.
  • A club house for socializing with the community for all the residents.
  • Also, this compound is eco-friendly as the project run with solar energy.

Elite New Capital is a golden opportunity for the investors and entrepreneurs in the New Administrative Capital and here’s why:

  1. SAK Company provided several activities in two buildings as Elite has administrative, commercial, medical and hotel units.
  2. The prices of this tower are unbeatable as the starting price of the units is 875,000 Egyptian Pounds.
  3. SAK Developments chose the most strategic location where Elite Mall is located in an extremely critical and vital area between R2 and R3 in the New Capital.
  4. SAK provided spaces that are suitable for the investors as the unit’s space starts from 25 m² and up to 152 m²