Key Elements for a Productive Home Office

Key Elements for a Productive Home Office

Whether you work from home full-time, run a home business on the side, or just spend some time working flexibly from a home office, it’s important that you get your office set up right if you want to work productively. The right office can improve your mood, boost your energy levels, help you to enjoy work, and even save you time. Here are the key elements that you need in a productive, and happy, home office.

A Tidy Desk

A tidy desk makes it easier to find things and helps you to think clearly and stay focused on the task at hand. Good storage, as well as things like a desk tidy and drawer organiser, can help you to stay tidy even when you are busy.

A Comfortable Chair

You spend a lot of time sitting at your desk when you are working. This means that a comfortable and supportive chair is essential. Your chair should feel nice and support your back. You should also make sure your chair, desk and screen are at the right heights so that your feet sit comfortably on the floor, and you don’t have to look up or down to see the screen.

An Efficient Computer

It’s hard to work productively if you are always waiting for your computer to load or having to restart halfway through a task. Now that so much work is done online, a good computer and an excellent internet connection are crucial. If you are ready for an upgrade, take a look at these Home Office Desktops for some great options.


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Easy to Reach Storage

You’ll never be able to work productively if you are always having to get up and down to find things. Make sure anything that you use daily is easy to reach, and everything else is organised so that you can find it easily.

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Lots of Light

Light is another essential element when it comes to working productively and staying healthy. A bright office helps to boost your energy levels, makes it easier to focus, prevents headaches and protects your eyesight. If your office is in a darker room, and more natural light isn’t an option, make sure you’ve got a bright overhead light and a good desk lamp.


It might sound small but how often have you had to stop working mid-flow because you can’t find a pen when you need one? Make sure you’ve always got a good supply of pens to hand.

The Right Atmosphere

Your office should look great, but it should also be warm, quiet and smell nice. Open windows if you can, to let in some fresh air, and make sure your thermostat is set to a comfortable temperature. If your office is in a loud area, think about noise cancelling headphones, or ambient background sounds.

Even if you only work from home some of the time, it’s worth investing some time and money in getting your office right. It will improve your work performance, but also your mood and health.