How to Choose the Right Paint Finish for Your Home Project?

How to Choose the Right Paint Finish for Your Home Project?

There is no better way to completely revamp a space without spending a fortune (or weeks of your time) than with a fresh coat of paint. Even seasoned do-it-yourselfers may second-guess their decisions when it comes to selecting the paint color for a freshly painted space. Not only are there many color options available (think: every hue of the rainbow and beyond), but there are also a variety of sheens (or finishes) from which to select, each of which will have a marked impact on the final product’s appearance.

So how in the world do you pick which finish goes where? worry not because we will give the scoop on finding the right finish for your project.

Flat Or Matte Finishes

Due to their low light-reflecting qualities, these paints are very forgiving, as noted by Woelfel. This includes stucco-textured walls and walls that have been poorly patched. The flaws are not visible because the smooth surface absorbs light rather than reflecting it. If there is a flaw, a higher shine will show it off, whereas a flat finish will hide it. Popcorn ceilings or worn-out rental walls are perfect candidates for these coatings. Even if you don’t have any blemishes on the surface to conceal, you’ll appreciate the overall look of this coating.

Eggshell Or Satin Finishes

These are the two most popular options for walls, and the best-selling finish is eggshell. Both of them are nice options for bedroom and living room walls. Similar to the look of flat and matte paints, but with increased resistance to scratches, these finishes are a great compromise.

Semi-Gloss And High Gloss Finishes

These paints are very reflecting, so they highlight any imperfections on the wall; thus, they are best utilized on smooth, primed surfaces. With a greater resin content, they are also simpler to clean than regular flat or matte paint. Because of this, they are preferable in locations that get a lot of use and abuse, such as mudrooms and corridors, and also in places that need to be cleaned often, such as kitchen backsplashes and external doors.

Glossy paints may also be used as an accent, such as on the trim of a room or the front door to provide a splash of color. In both cases, the matte surface of a building is avoided, and instead the emphasis is drawn to the many elements that make it unique. Paint with a high sheen may also serve to illuminate a space. These higher-sheen paints are more durable, but alcohol-based cleansers might destroy them. Alcohol-based cleaning products should be used with caution.

Bottom Line

Picking the right finish depends upon what your project is. If you are painting a textured wall, then flat or matte paint would be more suitable. If you are painting a smooth wall, then eggshell or satin finish would be more appropriate. For more information related to interior design and renovation, best design for home interior, best house designer, interior design and renovation visit Guthrie & Kirkwood.