How To Merge Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets in Your Life Style

How To Merge Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets in Your Life Style

Investing in the right cabinetry is an essential consideration for every homeowner that wants to have a beautiful kitchen setup.

Have you ever considered farmhouse kitchen cabinets for your remodeling needs? It is an option that is often ignored for an obvious reason – it sounds outdated. Well, this can be true or false. The only way to know is to continue reading this article and explore the truth about farmhouse cabinetry and consider if you can install it in your kitchen.

What is Farmhouse Cabinetry?

Farmhouse cabinetry design stems from the countryside kitchen design idea that is characterized by natural materials and finishes. A kitchen with farmhouse cabinets tends to:

  • Have rustic elements included in it
  • Create an informal appearance
  • Be warm and welcoming.

Clearly, the definition puts this cabinetry style as a top consideration yet not so many modern homeowners have installed farmhouse kitchen cabinetsWhy do you think this is so? Well, a lack of awareness coupled with many other factors contribute to

Top Reasons To Install Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

There are many reasons why you should opt for farmhouse cabinetry. Check out the top reasons here:

Cleaner Look 

The top reason for any remodeling is to create a neat kitchen space. You must start by considering the kind of cabinets that you want to install against the overall look of the kitchen space. Farmhouse cabinets have a rustic look that is often viewed as clean.

They don’t show any kind of dirt on them; thus, your kitchen will always look clean. It is a great benefit to homeowners who have busy kitchen spaces and don’t want dirt appearing on them.

More Storage Space

Another unique characteristic of farmhouse kitchen cabinets is the huge storage space available. Think about the core function of cabinets – isn’t it to provide storage space? Well, farmhouse cabinets have enough storage for all the current and future needs of many homes. The design of this cabinetry is wide to create more storage.

Improve The First Impression 

They say that ‘the first impression matters’. It is a true statement in kitchen cabinetry as well. You need a design that will attract the eye from the first look. This is what farmhouse kitchen cabinets offer when installed. They are beautiful because of their old rustic look. They have a classic touch that is always attractive to the eye of anyone getting into the kitchen.

Increases Organization in the Kitchen 

In as much as farmhouse cabinetry is great for aesthetics, it also offers good organizational avenues in the kitchen. It is designed to accommodate more kitchen items in an organized manner. It follows the shaker-style organizational structure that makes the kitchen look more presentable.

Increases Property Value 

Homeowners with farmhouse cabinetry installed in their kitchens enjoy an increased home value. This is because of the monetary value attached to this kind of cabinetry. You cannot replace it with any other type in terms of value. The old rustic look of the farmhouse kitchen is a positive addition to the value of the kitchen.

Are There Other Benefits?

Of course, there are tons of benefits that you can get when you install this type of cabinet. The ones mentioned above are just the top ones that should help you understand what farmhouse cabinets are and how beneficial they are to homeowners.

What Are Some Drawbacks Of Farmhouse Cabinetry?

There are a few drawbacks that you need to know.

It’s Pricey

You’ll have to spend a bit more on cabinetry if you decide to buy farmhouse cabinetry. It is an expensive addition to the kitchen that is worth it. The quality of the wood used is the reason why this kind of cabinetry is more expensive than ordinary ones.

Needs a Large Kitchen 

If you have a small kitchen space, then you won’t be able to install farmhouse cabinetry. These are large cabinets that need extra space in the kitchen for them to be both functional and aesthetic. Anyone with a large kitchen space will never find this a drawback.

Well, there are not so many drawbacks to farmhouse kitchen cabinets because they are great additions to the kitchen space. Anyone installing them is positioned to improve several aspects of their kitchen space.

How To Make A Kitchen With Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets Better?

Now that you know the pros and cons, it is equally important to finding out how you can enhance the appearance of a kitchen with farmhouse cabinetry.

Contrast With Black Accents 

Striking black hardware can help to accentuate the soft white finishes of farmhouse kitchen cabinets. This kind of addition will create a classic and elegant touch in your kitchen space.

Add Gold Hardware 

Gold can bring warmth and glow to a kitchen with farmhouse cabinetry. This design creates inviting accents that are Lively in the kitchen space.

Add More Warm Light Fixtures 

It is expected that you already have a large kitchen space. This means that you need a lot of light to cover the large space. The best form of light for a kitchen with farmhouse cabinetry is warm. Find warm light fixtures like a chandelier and position them in the right place in your kitchen to create a warm feeling.

Use Modern Colors 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with using modern colors to recreate a traditional kitchen space. You can retain the concept of farmhouse cabinetry but use modern colors that are presentable to your needs.

Always know that colors determine the overall look of the kitchen space, thus you need to be very careful with the colors that you are choosing if you are deviating from the traditional rustic colors. The best thing would be to borrow some ideas from online sites like Pinterest or other online furniture magazines that can give you great ideas of how to play with modern colors when installing farmhouse kitchen cabinets.

Final Thoughts

Farmhouse cabinetry is not out of trend; you can still install them and enjoy the wide range of benefits associated with them. You also need to learn a few tips that can help you to enhance the appearance of your kitchen space with this kind of cabinet.

Always seek professional advice if you are unsure of how to start a remodeling project.