A List of Top Features You Might Want Your New Fridge Freezer to Have

A List of Top Features You Might Want Your New Fridge Freezer to Have

Everyone knows that a fridge freezer is one of the appliances that play a central role in the kitchen – there is simply no way you would function without it! That being said, today’s fridge freezers are more advanced and have more features to offer than the next. So if you’re planning to buy a new fridge freezer, it would be best if you had a good idea of what to look for and expect. The fridge freezers of today come with excellent features you may want, and these features range from digital displays, independent controls for the fridge and the freezer, an auto-defrost, frost-free feature, and more. To give you a better idea, let’s have a look at the list of top features you might want for your next fridge freezer.

A Digital Display

The first feature – and no one can deny that it’s quite useful – is a digital display. These displays come with audible signals and indicator lights, allowing you to assess and monitor the fridge freezer’s temperature as easily as possible. These digital displays will also let you know if the door has been left open accidentally and tell you if there’s something faulty with your appliance.

Frost-Free and Automatic Defrost

Almost all – if not all – fridge freezers today also come with an automatic defrost and frost-free feature. As fridge freezers in Cork suppliers like Irwin’s Megastore will tell you, the fridge freezer will automatically defrost water, which will drain into a special trough located at the back and evaporate so that your fridge freezer will not become damp and freeze up. If you opt for a frost-free freezer, you will no longer have to defrost it yourself – it will come with a heater and a fan that gets rid of the buildup of ice and the fan will circulate cooler air as well.

Glass Shelves and Solid Drawers

Today’s fridge freezers also come with glass shelves for the fridge and solid drawers for the freezer. Glass shelves are better than the plastic shelves used before because they are better at retaining a cold temperature and are easier when it comes to cleaning and packing. Solid drawers are also easier to clean and pack and are much sturdier than drawers in the past.

Independent Controls

Fridge freezers also have independent controls along with different shelving and a frost-free and automatic defrost feature. This means you can set the freezer and fridge controls separately, allowing each to operate better and more efficiently. With this feature, you can keep food fresh for longer and chill and freeze them at just the right temperature.

Additional Storage

If you want extra storage room for perishable items, you should look for extra compartments, especially by the fridge door. These will allow you to keep jars and other items that need to be stored upright and easily store smaller items in them.

Ice and Water Dispensers

This feature has proven very popular with the American customer base and has ultimately reached our shores, too. With this, your fridge freezer can make ice and chill water at the press of a button. Keep in mind that some models would need special plumbing, so check the model first to make sure it will fit the layout of your kitchen.