Tips on How to Fit Natural Wood Cabinets in a Modern Kitchen

Tips on How to Fit Natural Wood Cabinets in a Modern Kitchen

Believe it or not! Natural wood kitchen cabinets, trends of the 80s and 90s, are back to fashion and are now rocking more than ever. These iconic cabinet designs are coming out in multiple designs, finishing options, and layouts. Unfortunately for them, however, natural wood cabinets are often associated with vintage fashion.

If by any chance you wanted to go for these types of cabinets but weren’t sure whether or not they can match your kitchen’s modern interior design aesthetics, this article is for you. We have outlined tips for making natural wood cabinets part of modern kitchen design aesthetics.

Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets at a Glance

Cabinet varieties made up entirely of cut hardwoods like oak, maple, cherry, hickory, and mahogany among others, are generally referred to as natural wood cabinets. You can find them in different shapes, colors, and layouts.

Besides their wood-based material structure, here are other attributes that distinguish natural wood kitchen cabinets.

1. Versatility

Since they exist in several types, natural wood cabinets are reputably versatile. In this regard, they provide access to dozens of options in terms of cabinetry designs, Regardless of your choice-cabinetry designs, finding an ideal design among natural wood cabinets is fairly easy.

Besides coming out in types like maple, oak, hickory, and birch cabinets, natural wood cabinets feature variations, especially regarding design aspects like color and layout. Whereas traditional-style natural wood cabinets more often feature natural wood finishes and stains, modern varieties more often feature colors.

2. Durability

Besides their undoubtedly versatile design features, natural wood kitchen cabinets can be distinguished by their unequaled lifespans. Considering that these drawers are engineered from the strongest types of wood in existence, you can be sure that they hold a reputation for strength and resilience.

Typically, they feature straight-grained finishes that do well in concealing stains and repelling dust as well as other impacts of tear and wear for enhanced appearance and service. Therefore, if you have ever wanted to own cabinets with impressive resale value, opt for natural wood cupboards.

3. Simplicity

From design features, including color and layout, to material features and ornamental properties, simplicity defines natural wood cabinets. With neutral-like natural wood tones marking their surfaces, these drawers can match an array of colors, from traditional to contemporary undertones.

For this reason, they are seamlessly compatible with almost all kitchen interior designs. Therefore, regardless of whether your cookhouse is traditional or modern-style, you can leverage natural wood cabinets in achieving the interior design of your choice.

Are Natural Wood Cabinets Good for My Modern Kitchen?

Of course yes! As we have just observed, natural wood cabinets are designed for all kitchen interior design, thanks to their simpler design features. If you want to know whether or not these drawers are perfect for your modern-style cookhouse, you must know how to install them well.

Here are four proven tips for making natural wood cabinets part of a modern kitchen’s interior design aesthetics.

#1: Incorporate Colors

With the vibrant appeal of modern-style kitchen interiors, natural wood cupboards need to be paired with colors to fit perfectly inside any modern kitchen interior. Fortunately, these drawers rhyme well with so many colors, including traditional and contemporary shades.

When incorporating colors in a modern kitchen filled with natural wood cabinets, consider your interior design preferences as well as the visual design aesthetics that define your pantry. This is because you can only work with colors that not only interest you but match the colors and finishes present in your cookhouse.

#2: Install Metallic Accessories

For natural wood kitchen cabinets to fit perfectly inside any modern-style interior, they must look vibrant. With metallic accessories, for example, stainless steel, golden, or copper hinges, etc., you can effortlessly transform the neutral outlook of natural wood cabinets.

The mixture of shiny finishes of metallic accessories blends well with neutral natural wood undertones to project a uniquely vibrant appeal. Therefore, you must try accessorizing your wood-based cabinets unless you don’t want them to fit as perfectly as they should inside your modern-style pantry.

#3: Mix and Match Different Material Textures

Apart from beautifying natural wood cabinets with accessories and pairing them with mixed colors, you can choose to blend them with mixed-and-matched materials to make them seem perfectly compatible with your modern-style kitchen interior.

The good news is that natural wood kitchen cabinets can blend well with almost all kinds of materials, from metals to fiber, rustic wood, laminate materials etc. The latest modern kitchen design ideas feature natural wood cabinets with marble and ceramic countertops as well as metallic implements.

#4: Paint Natural Wood Cabinets

Compared to natural wood cabinets whose finishes are marked by natural wood tones, painted natural wood cupboards seem more contemporary and attractive. In this regard, painting your natural wood cabinets is one sure strategy for making them fit perfectly inside your modern-style cookhouse.

The good thing about these types of kitchen cabinets is that they are the easiest to work with, especially regarding painting. With their straight-grained finishes, natural wood kitchen cabinets can easily absorb and retain stains and paint to stay looking new as long as possible.

Will Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets Soon Go Out of Fashion?

While they were seemingly overpowered by cheaper contemporary cabinetry designs, most of which are crafted from artificial materials, natural wood cabinets are resurging back to fashion, thanks to their immense benefits.

Generally speaking, natural wood kitchen cabinets are bound to continue trending for the following reasons.

  • Natural is the New Normal: To demonstrate appreciation for the environment modern homeowners want natural interior décor materials. Because natural wood cabinets are wholesomely naturally sourced, they are not harmful to the environment and are appreciably recyclable.
  • Homeowners Want Values from their Money: Now that everything is expensive, no homeowner wants to spend their hard-earned currency on something less durable. Natural wood kitchen cabinets will continue to attract many homeowners, thanks to their unquestionable durability and impressive resale potential.

Final Thoughts

Do you want to make your precious kitchen seem naturally seductive and most importantly, functional? If yes, why not go for natural wood cabinets? These drawers are currently the top-trending cabinet designs. Natural wood kitchen cabinets are durable, versatile, and friendlier to the environment.