How Reticulation Works And Different Types Of Irrigation

Simply defined, irrigation is the supply of water to plants in order to help them to grow. Designed and installed well, irrigation systems can help create a thriving garden  and prevent water waste. Choosing the best reticulation for Perth gardens doesn’t have to be hard; understanding the different types available is the first step.

Types of irrigation for your garden

Irrigation systems can be manual or automatic. Manual systems require you to turn taps on and off whereas automatic systems will water your plants without you having to do anything. The type of irrigation system that is right for you will depend upon the topography of your garden, what plants you have and your lifestyle.

  • Drip irrigation waters plants by dripping water at a slow rate onto a specific area. This allows you to direct water exactly where you want it: on your plants’ roots. By effectively watering your plants where they need the water, you reduce water waste and suppress the growth of weeds. Drip irrigation can also help prevent the spread of fungal diseases in your plants.
  • Sprinkler irrigation delivers a spray of water to a specific area. Sprinklers can be installed in the ground, or over the top of a garden to provide a thin spray of water over larger areas. Sprinklers aren’t very precise in their water delivery, but they tend to be inexpensive and easy to adjust according to the needs of your plants.
  • Soaker hoses are similar to drip irrigation in that they provide water directly to the soil. The soaker hose has many little holes along it, which allows the water to seep through the sides of the hose. They are most effective on flat ground, and can be controlled either manually or automatically if connected to a timer.
  • Furrow and terraced irrigation are basic systems which rely on the natural flow of water. Furrow irrigation involves creating trenches in the soil where water can flow through and reach all the plants within the garden bed. Terraced irrigation is used on sloped gardens, allowing water to flow down a series of steps to all the layers of the garden.

How do automatic irrigation systems work?

For convenience, many modern irrigation systems can be set to run automatically. Depending on their sophistication, some controllers have inbuilt seasonal adjustment settings, and others have an automatic shutoff function when it is raining. Automatic irrigation systems offer several advantages such as saving time on watering, reducing water waste and allowing for a more flexible lifestyle.

An irrigation controller can be programmed to turn on your irrigation system at particular times and for specified periods. When it reaches the programmed time, the controller sends an electrical signal to your irrigation valve, causing it to open and let water through to the sprinklers, hoses or drip irrigation you have installed. When the water time is up, the controller will send a signal to close the irrigation valve and stop the watering.

Need help with reticulation in Perth?

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