Finance Professionals

What Employers Really Want From Finance Professionals

Different companies are in need of competent finance professionals who can match the company culture. Here are some of the expected attributes of financial professionals, working for companies like Bould Bookkeeping.

1. Up-to-Date Credentials

Whether the role is financial accountant or financial director, there are different requirements. That’s why you need to have the right qualifications for any job. However, it mostly depends on the structure of the business and the market where it operates. All organisations require up-to-date credentials for any prospective finance professionals.

2. Positivity and Teamwork

Employers looking to add new finance professionals to their company always ask whether a candidate can work as a business partner. Previously, the finance department had a negative connotation.

Most people previously saw finance people as those who would always turn down new ideas. Well, that was completely wrong and that’s why finance professionals work tirelessly to beat that perception. The finance department is now the positive force behind growth in any organisation.

Finance people should work together with the rest of the company and take key roles in individual projects for overall growth of the business. As such, finance professionals should develop soft skills, understanding of the goals from other teams and interpersonal skills. As a finance professional, you need to be fluid and be open to how other people in the company contribute to strategy execution processes.

3. Explain Finance Without Using Jargon

Finance professionals need soft skills for business partnering. As such, they can communicate and interact with other people besides their colleagues in the finance department effortlessly. They need to know how to express finance in layman terms.

A finance professional should work without any supervision and meet strict deadlines effortlessly. They should offer month or end year reports without any hassles. They should also be able to motivate a team and act as leaders whenever called upon.

Communication skills are incredibly important. As a finance professional, you need to motivate both finance and non-finance people. You should be able to provide relevant information in the financial books and explain it in layman terms.

Your job is much more than making the numbers add up. You need to tell a story. You have the training to see the story behind numbers but other people don’t have the same privilege. Find a way to bring out the story without using jargon.

4. Commitment

Employers have a keen understanding of what their business needs from potential finance professionals. They also have a realistic view of career development. They don’t expect employees to stay with them forever.

However, they expect their employees to commit to their role in the company. They are expected to commit to their role of moving the business forward positively and use the same experience to learn, develop and meet their personal goals.

5. Willingness to Adapt, Learn and Grow

Companies are always looking for clients and self-motivated individuals who can build on their skillset. As such, they can progress in the company and as an individual in the finance department. Such skills have brought about a difference in the perception of finance and it is changing everywhere. If you are looking to land a job in any finance department, you need to master these skills and many more.