How a Walk-In Tub Helps with Common Ailments

How a Walk-In Tub Helps with Common Ailments

While everyone experiences aging differently, there are specific ailments that are very common once we reach our Golden Years—and they’re just as unavoidable as aging itself. Luckily, there are easy ways to deal with these symptoms to get quick relief, and a walk-in tub is one of them. Here are a few different types of common ailments you might experience every day and how a walk-in tub can help with them.

Aching Joints

Joint pain is extremely common in people over the age of 60, and sometimes in those even younger. This is because the cartilage in our joints can wear down over the years, causing more pressure and friction in the joints with every movement. If you participated in physically demanding activities when you were younger, you might be more prone to this type of joint pain. Additionally, arthritis tends to be a prevalent condition for those over 60, and you’re likely looking for ways to relieve the aching it causes.

Whatever is causing the aching in your joints, a long soak in a walk-in tub can help. Hot water and relaxing jets can reduce the swelling and pain, and the more accessible entrance to the tub makes getting in and out of the tub easier, even if your joints are stiff.

Muscle Fatigue

You’ve probably begun to notice that your body tires much more quickly than it used to. Your muscles can do as much work as they could when you were at the peak of fitness; you may even find it hard to stand for extended periods of time, and your balance may have begun to falter as a result of reduced muscle strength. This is all very natural as your body ages, but that doesn’t mean it’s pleasant.

A walk-in tub not only makes it easy to get in and out of the tub despite issues of muscle fatigue and diminished balance, but the warm water and other therapeutic features can also help relieve any aches you might be feeling in those tired muscles.

Reduced Mobility

Joint stiffness and muscle fatigue are two factors that contribute to another common issue for the elderly: reduced mobility. Moving around as you used to isn’t a possibility anymore. You might struggle with the movement of climbing over the edge of a tub or lowering and lifting yourself from the low seated position of a standard tub. A walk-in tub provides a door with a low step, so you don’t have to climb over anything to get in. And the high, comfortable seat with nearby grab handles is easy to get in and out of.

While a walk-in tub can’t cure these ailments for you, it offers incredible relief and assistance in dealing with these issues daily.