5 Things You Need To Consider Before Getting A New Parking Lot

5 Things You Need To Consider Before Getting A New Parking Lot

For any commercial business, owning a parking lot can make a significant contribution to you and your business. Whether you own an apartment complex, a retail outlet, a boutique, or a commercial building, it is your priority to give your customers and clients ease of access to all of your facilities. Quick and easy access to your property does not only benefit your customers but it can also help your business gain a positive impression and attention as well.

So when the time comes to get your commercial property a brand new parking lot, make sure that its quality, structure, and overall look is up to industry standards. More complicated than it sounds, installing a new parking lot requires a lot of planning and consideration. So before you get things rolling, do your research to ensure that your investment will go a long way. 

But, if you’re a newbie scared of making the first move, don’t worry! We’re here to help you revive and improve your property’s beauty. We have listed below a couple of things you need to plan and consider before getting a new parking lot. Read on to prep both yourself and your business for your new paving upgrade!

Professional Paving Company

Before anything else, the most essential factor to consider is the paving company you are going to hire for the job. To make sure your paving projects and improvements on your property are a success, you will require the services of a paving contractor from time to time. These professionals are the ones who will handle your paving project which services can range from asphalt installation and sealcoating to repairs and maintenance too.

So before you get your new parking lot, do your best to scout for a good paving contractor first. Check out their reviews online or ask your peers for references. Hire a trustworthy local paving contractor in your area because your parking lot is an investment on your business so make sure that you get your money’s worth.


Asphalt or concrete? That is the question. You will probably talk this over with your hired contractor but there’s no harm in doing research on the materials you will be using for the project ahead of time. For parking lot installation, asphalt and concrete are both suitable options but they do have distinct features that are best suitable for certain types of use and budget.

If you have a tight budget, you might want to opt for asphalt. This material is known for being cost-efficient while still being able to serve its owner for a really long time. And aside from its durability, it also requires little maintenance so instead of a complete replacement from time to time, minor repairs and maintenance here and there can greatly contribute to prolonging the lifespan of the original structure.

On the other hand, concrete is a material known for its durability even in hot weather. If you live in a warm climate area, concrete is probably the best option to take. It also requires little to no maintenance and it boasts of more design options too. But considering it’s for commercial use, you might want to opt for the more budget-friendly option. 


Your parking lot will be open to the public to see at all times. Because of this, it’s important to plan the overall look you want to have for your project. But it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a well-thought-out plan regarding the ADA markings, lines, stripes, and signages can drastically improve your property. Work with your contractor to secure the positions and placings of each sign and marking. This does not only add beauty to your property but it also establishes good safety measures for your customers. 

Safety markings and signages should be functional and visible at all times so make sure to develop a design plan with your paving contractor. 


How many cars are you expecting daily? How about during peak season? Can your lot cover your estimated capacity?

Along with the design, the traffic flow and vehicle capacity are a few things that should also be considered. Regardless of the design, your parking lot should first and foremost fulfill its function that is to accommodate at least sufficient customer vehicles. Consequently, the design should be able to adhere to usability and customer safety standards. For instance, there should be a clear pathway going to the parking lot. Additionally, there has to be proper spacing between the parking spaces. Remember, no matter how busy your business can get, make sure that you are able to accommodate everyone!


Developing a good budget plan ahead can help you relax when the installation starts rolling. To avoid being faced with hidden fees and surprise expenses, reach out to your contractor and talk about your budget and the full coverage of their services. An accurate budget plan will give you an overview of how you should allocate your expenses.

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