Top Tips For Choosing The Right Flush Button For Your Toilet

Top Tips For Choosing The Right Flush Button For Your Toilet

When selecting a new flush button for your toilet, there are several things to consider. The first is your personal preference. If you are a person who only uses the toilet for urination, choose a smaller lever and these levers will have visual indicators and may be smaller in size. On the other hand, if you are a person who frequently uses the toilet, choose a larger lever.

Dual flush toilets are more environmentally friendly. They use less water than single-flush toilets, and they also take up less space and can be more appealing in modern bathroom designs. However, they’re also more expensive, and they require more installation work than single-flush toilets. A dual-flush toilet can save you money while saving water. Although the dual-flush option is environmentally friendly, it can be costly.

The flush buttons for your toilet depend on your preference and bathroom design. The larger, chrome-plated button may be too large for a small child’s hand, or it could look awkward next to other accessories in your bathroom. Smaller button plates won’t take up as much space so that they can blend in with the rest of your bathroom’s decor. The button’s height is also an important consideration, and make sure it fits the height of the person who uses the toilet.

Consider The Function

In addition to the design, you need to consider the function. Some flush buttons are designed to be used when flushing a liquid, while others are designed to remove solid waste. In general, small buttons are best for flushing liquids, while larger ones are best for flushing solids. However, check the toilet manual to learn more about these features if you’re unsure. You can choose the toilet flush buttons by that complement your bathroom design.

Choose The Type Of Flush That Fits Your Bathroom Design

Dual-flush buttons will be available depending on your toilet’s flushing valve model. Each button delivers a different volume of water, giving you the option to save water while still getting the cleanest water possible. The smaller buttons will deliver less water than the full flush.

Consider Water-Saving Features

Before installing a new flush button, ensure that the fill valve is set to the correct position to allow the float to move. If it is not, you may need to adjust the float for water conservation. If the new flush button fits, you can discard the shroud. After fitting the new flush button, close the lid and reconnect the water supply. Once everything is connected, you can install the push button.

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Think About How It Will Affect The Look And Feel Of Your Bathroom

The best way to choose the right flush button for your toilet is to think about how it will affect the look and feel of your bathroom. A button-flushing toilet will add an instant modern touch to the room. While it may seem that lever flushes require much maintenance, they also look more modern and contemporary.

Be Sure To Measure The Size Of Your Existing Valve

Before choosing a new flush button for your toilet, be sure to measure the size of your existing valve. When you purchase a new flush valve, make sure to consider the model of your toilet before making a decision. This way, you will make sure that it will fit properly. A universal kit will work with multiple models of toilets. Make sure to check the dimensions and the model number to find the best fit.


Installing a new flush button for your toilet can save you money in the long run. A flush button allows you to refill the tank without resetting the toilet’s fill valve, saving you money in water usage.

If you have a dual-flush toilet, you can find an affordable option for replacing your toilet’s flush button. However, these are more difficult to find and more expensive. Try a one-bodied toilet with a single flush button if you want a more modern look.

The installation of a new flush button for your toilet will generally depend on your preference and design. It can cost anywhere from £70 to £150. You can also purchase a manual drain snake online for around £50, and an electric drain snake can cost £100 or more. It’s worth the cost to prevent clogs in your toilet, and there’s also a small cost for a plumber to clear the clog.