Looking for Ways to Optimise your Small Outdoor Space?

Nowadays, more and more homes are being designed with a focus on bigger interiors, to maximise and increase the functionality of indoor living spaces. Sometimes, though, this can be discouraging for both potential and existing homeowners alike if they’re unsure of how to maximise their small outdoor area appropriately. This can be the case for everyone, from singles, to couples, and families, and it can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to utilise a small outdoor space that will keep every member of the family happy.

But don’t fret! More and more designers and creative DIY-ers nowadays are creating out-of-the-box solutions and bringing to life small outdoor areas with key design pieces, thoughtful use of available spaces, and practical furniture that still conveys the homeowners’ personal styles perfectly. Because, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a ton of square footage to create a gorgeous outdoor space. A well-designed space with cohesive, creative elements definitely trumps a large backyard with a lacklustre layout. We’ve got some ideas to help you spice up your small outdoor space below!

Utilise Layers To Evoke A Curated Feel

You might think that having too much in your small backyard might make the space look cluttered. While this can happen, it’s important to be thoughtful about the accents and furnishings that you’re planning to add to the space to avoid that claustrophobic feeling. Using a mix-and-match approach and creating layers such as a stone floor, a warm rug, and natural furniture topped with bright throws and pillows can trick the eye from thinking that the space is small and cramped, when it’s actually perfectly-sized and designed.

Place Potted Plants, Planters, and a Wide Variety of Greens for a Lush Look

With small backyards, there’s often no space for planting a garden of your own. If you’ve got a bit of a green thumb, use pots and planters made of different materials such as terracotta, ceramic, and so much more in order to create a green space made up of a variety of species. From shrubs and succulents, to herbs and flowering plants, there’s just something about plants that elevates a small space without too much effort.

Creeping Plants, Vines, and Flowers on a Wall Add Depth Without Sacrificing Space

Feeling even more creative, or wanting to save your square footage for that perfect piece of outdoor furniture instead? Consider creating a makeshift trellis for climbing plants and vines, which not only provides a beautiful backdrop for your outdoor seating, but also takes advantage of oft-forgotten vertical spaces, too, by placing it on a wall instead of taking up precious floor space.

Focus on What You’ll Use, and Centre your Design Around It

One of the most important factors to well-designed small spaces, both in and out of the home, is being able to pinpoint how you’re looking to use the space the most. If you’re wanting to create an entertaining area, it may serve you best to think up a layout that prioritises outdoor seating and maximises the space for that purpose. If you’re wanting to create a backyard for rest and relaxation purposes, it’s important to consider what will encourage you to make use of the space: for example, if you love to meditate, make sure to set aside a meditation area. If you love to garden, perhaps centre your design around a small patch where you can garden to your heart’s desire.

The Little Things Can Elevate Small Spaces

Big or small, outdoor spaces not only look elevated by the installation of Stratco Outback patios, they also make your small outdoor area a perfect place to be in, all year round. Let the light in without subjecting you or your guests to the harsh elements when they come, whether it’s intense heat during the summer or windy, rainy days during the winter season. With customisable sizes, and a wide range of shades and styles to choose from, you’ll be hard-pressed not to find the perfect patio to help you create a magical outdoor space that you’ll love.

Not only that, but with a patio, the design possibilities are endless. Adding shade, providing a clear separation from the interior and exterior spaces of the home, and even furthering the possibilities of how you and your family can use your small outdoor space rain or shine, the sky’s the limit to how you design and curate your perfect outdoor area.

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

With so many gorgeous spaces and layouts being created by designers nowadays, there’s no need to fear having a small outdoor area. What counts is knowing what you’ll use your outdoor space for, and adding in practical yet stylish pieces that serve a purpose, maximising the existing space. From furniture, greenery, well-thought out designs, and even installing a perfectly sized patio to increase the functionality and style of the area, there’s no end to out-of-the-box solutions to small space requirements that will help you to create a space that’s undeniably in line with your personal tastes, without sacrificing practical use of your backyard.

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