Eugene Sasha Alekseychenko

A Short Real Experience of Buying House with Classified Ads

You have chosen to launch your real estate investment business and are aware that actively sending out advertisements to locate motivated buyers will bring you greater deals as well as more accommodating sellers than simply visiting houses that are listed on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) or for Sale by Owner (FSBO). Congrats! It is a huge achievement and will make your investing life simpler. Eugene Sasha Alekseychenko A simple and low-cost method of advertising to locate sellers who are motivated is to make use of classified ads. There are some points that you must be aware of before the use of classified adverts as a way of locating motivated sellers.

Amount of Calls to Motivated Sellers

In the beginning, you may not get a flood of calls from just one advertisement, but it’s an affordable method of getting calls from sellers who are motivated. Because classified ads can be cost-effective only when they are kept tiny, you will not get all of your message to the market within the classified ads Therefore, classified ads need two steps in order to send your entire marketing message to potential buyers The first step is to create a classified advertisement. The second is an automated process for the seller to receive the full message prior to reaching out directly.

Eugene Sasha Alekseychenk

When someone posts classified ads, I usually to make use of a 24- day recorded info line, or an information recorded for 24 hours line as well as my website. When one-person call my 24 hour recording information line sellers will hear me talk about the advantages I give them in selling their home to me. My message is about five minutes long. Once they have listened, understood my entire message for marketing, and are at this moment prepared to contact me live. Therefore, at the conclusion of the recorded message, I offer them the option to chat with me live.

My website you can find an easy to type version of my entire marketing strategy and an option for vendors to contact me directly. Two steps can significantly cut down on the number non-interested customers, and offers all potential buyers an possibility to obtain more information without having to call an individual live, before they are been conditioned to do business with me due to my benefits that I discuss in my recorded message as well as on my site. In some instances, when asked if people should advertise in a newspaper that they are the sole buyer of homes.

Eugene Sasha Alekseychenk