Impactful Renovations For Improving A Home’s Resale Value


Different home renovations can be an excellent way to improve the resale value of your property. While some popular renovations have failed to stand the test of time, there are countless other renovations that have proven to be beneficial to property owners when it comes time to sell. For those homeowners interested in sprucing up their property prior to placing it on the market, which renovations should they prioritize?

Homeowners will want to begin by considering the perspective of aspiring buyers. What are some of the things that those browsing for homes will look at first? Attention grabbers, changes that entice the eyes. Imagine the faces of the prospective buyers as they arrive to view a home with a newly installed garage door. Exterior improvements are typically a safe bet. Interior improvements are almost always safer, though. Newly renovated kitchens with fresh appliances, for example. Bathroom improvements have also been proven to make an impact on prospective buyers. Prioritizing improvements that add to visual aesthetic of both the exterior and interior of a home can make a significant impact in what homeowners can expect from putting their home on the market.

Some homeowners may have already had recent renovations done to improve these external and interior elements, in which case they can consider having their home’s internal systems assessed and improved. For example, electrical and plumbing elements that are integral parts of a functioning home. A house isn’t a home until it can function at all levels to support a family, meaning a realtor has no reason to show aspiring buyers a home unable to provide this to their clients. Well maintained internal infrastructure has a significant impact on the decision that buyers will make when they’re considering multiple homes on the market.

As previously mentioned, a grand last resort for homeowners trying to make a lasting impression can consider introducing new elements to the outdoor portions of their properties. Projects like installing a new deck, pool, pergola or a new take on the exterior landscaping are some great examples of this. As prospective buyers tend to look at outdoor spaces included in a property as an extension of their home, these projects are very enticing to these buyers. These changes are particularly effective when targeting prospective buyers who are known to entertain guests often.  Obviously this space is just as impactful when they’re not entertaining, so including relaxing elements can be just as effective.

While this post includes plenty of renovation ideas, you may be searching for more. If that’s the case, consider viewing the infographic featured alongside this post. You’ll find addition breakdowns of various home renovation projects that can significantly increase resale value.

Author bio: Sara Scimeca is Marketing Coordinator for Synergy Builders, a stress-free remodeling company. She has two years of experience in the industry and manages Synergy’s marketing plans including creation of content for newsletters, brochures, advertisements, videos and more.