7 Tips to Find a Remodeling Contractor in Kansas City

7 Tips to Find a Remodeling Contractor in Kansas City

Remodeling your home can be very demanding, irrespective of whether you are tackling just a room or an extensive remodeling project. While you might be able to do basic remodeling such as updating a few fixtures, bigger projects that involve totally overhauling your room or home will have to be handled by a professional general contractor.

Contractors are trained to handle building and remodeling projects. This would include managing inspections, equipment, labor, materials, and all the necessary permits to ensure that the project is started and completed without a hitch. One of the most important things you will have to do for the successful completion of your remodeling project.

In this article, we present seven tips for finding a remodeling contractor in Kansas City. Click here to visit our website.

1. Be Clear On Your Expected Outcome

You, as the homeowner and client, should drive the process. The first thing you want to do before you begin speaking with contractors is to be clear about your desired outcome. Being clear about what you want will help you communicate better with the remodeling contractors. If you have difficulty in describing exactly how you want your remodeling done, you should consider working with a design consultant that can help you.

2. Contact Several Contractors

When making a decision as huge as remodeling your property, you can’t afford to just go with the first contractor you contact. So, ensure that you get estimates from at least three contractors before going with one of them. Doing this will give you a wider perspective on the average amount you should expect to spend on the remodeling. Also, it gives you an idea of the quality of work each of these remodeling contractors will deliver. For example, a contractor may give a high quote with an indication of quality while another might give you a bargain rate and marginal work.

3. Do Background Checks

Even if the contractor was recommended by a relative or friend who has used their services in the past, it is important that you do your background checks. Some of the things you need to find out include:

  • The full name and address of the company
  • Do they have the current state license?
  • Is their insurance coverage adequate?
  • Get their license and policy numbers and verify how current they are.
  • Find out whether there are any past or pending legal actions against them.

4. Never Ignore The Little Details

There are general contractors and there are specialists. You want to verify that the contractor’s capacities are appropriate to your remodeling project. While taking time to see their past projects, watch out for some similarities to your project, the quality of materials used, the workmanship, and how consistent the client satisfaction is.

Pay attention to small signs of professionalism. Do they return calls in a timely manner? Are they on time for appointments and meetings? What do their dress code and company’s vehicles tell you? Do they exude cleanliness and pride?

If they are careless in these little details, how sure are you that they will give you a great quality of work?

5. Be Clear On What You Are Paying For

Many contractors offer free estimates. However, you may be charged the magnitude of the project will be running into several thousands of dollars (which is often paid upfront). The proposal is expected to include a breakdown of the cost of materials, labor, and other expenses of each phase of the project. Therefore, be certain of what you are spending on at each stage.

Be wary of contractors who demand that you pay in cash or pay that you pay everything up front without any flexibility. More importantly, ensure that you have a comprehensive written agreement before the commencement of the work.

6. Conflict Resolution Strategy

You should know that from the beginning of the project to the end of it, your contractor will become a part of your life. That is why you need to work with a contractor with whom you can have smooth communication.

Reputable professionals will have you sign some agreements to protect both parties. Ensure that you ask questions about how differences and unexpected issues will be resolved as they come up. This could include change in orders, failure to meet the agreed standards, and other serious disputes.

7. Understand The Contract Details Properly

Before you sign any contract, ensure that you read through and understand the details. Some of the information that must be included in the contract are:

  • the start and completion dates
  • necessary building permits and fees
  • a clear description of the products and services that the contractor is to provide
  • payment terms
  • issues related to subcontractors,
  • the consequences of default by both parties.

When it comes to subcontractor issues, warranty of workmanship and the verification of license and insurance must be considered.

Concerning defaulting, the consequence of failing to pay subcontractors should be included in the contract. However, you should be included from liability in the event that this happens.

Is It Cheaper To Hire A Remodeling Contractor Or Do It Yourself?

The idea of doing a home improvement project yourself can be appealing, especially if you consider the fact you will be saving money on labor costs, and enjoying seeing your creativity come to action.

These are all worthy considerations. However, remodeling projects are best done by professional remodeling contractors in Kansas City. Home improvement projects can be time-consuming, complicated, and tiring, especially when not done by an experienced contractor.

Unless you have all the necessary equipment, enough experience, all the time in the world, and you don’t mind the stress involved, the best way to do your remodeling project is through a professional.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Contractor?

According to Home Guide, the cost of hiring a contractor will range between $20 and $200 per hour, based on the kind of remodeling and the expertise of the company. A general contractor will hire and manage subcontractors and coordinate the project for 10% to 15% of the total cost.


Finding a remodeling contractor in Kansas City can be time-consuming and sometimes overwhelming. However, if done correctly, it can be very rewarding, saving you money, time, and stress.