7 Curb Appeal Ideas to Increase Your Home Value in San Diego, CA

7 Curb Appeal Ideas to Increase Your Home Value in San Diego, CA

If you’re planning to sell your house in San Diego, one of the first things that buyers will see is the exterior of your home. So it is a good idea to make an excellent first impression. According to a recent article by the National Association of Realtors, homes with high curb appeal sell for 7 percent more than a house in the same area that doesn’t have high curb appeal. So essentially, it pays to improve your home’s exterior if you want to snag buyers willing to pay more. But even if you aren’t trying to sell, keeping your curb appeal in good condition adds value to your home and adds to greater enjoyment of your home. Here are seven ideas for increasing your curb appeal in San Diego.

Spruce Up Your Lawn

As with homes in any city, sprucing your lawn is just as important in San Diego. This is because San Diego is one of the hottest markets in the nation. If your yard looks unkempt, this will ruin your chances of getting a buyer to look at your property. Also, an unkempt lawn may hurt your neighbor’s chances of selling if you aren’t selling your home. Start by keeping your grass perfectly manicured. If you have patches of grass missing due to disease, you can treat the lawn disease and try to regrow the grass. Or you can call a professional lawn company to get your lawn in tip-top shape.

Improve Your Landscape Design

In addition to improving your lawn, another way to make your exterior look outstanding is to redesign the landscape. Many homes come with standard features, including a basic driveway and patio. But in San Diego, you may want to add more landscaping features that improve the beauty of your lawn and backyard. Popular options include playgrounds, pools, gardens, and gazebos.

Paint or Replace Your Front Door

Another way to improve your curb appeal is to make changes to your front door. One way to change your front door is to change the material of the front door. Many homes in San Diego are made of aluminum, wood, or fiberglass, with fiberglass becoming a much more popular option. But you don’t have to switch out doors to make a bold statement. You can keep the one you have and add a pop of color. A trend in San Diego, especially among homeowners who live in tract houses, is to paint their front doors a vibrant color even if their home’s architecture is relatively neutral. However, there are some limitations with homes that are a part of a homeowner’s association. So, check before changing your door’s color or texture if you live in an HOA.

Clean or Repaint Your Home’s Exterior

No buyer or visitor wants to visit a house whose exterior is dirty and loaded with cobwebs and other gunk. Nor do they want to see a place with paint chipping all over it. So before putting your house on the market, consider getting a pressure washing or exterior painting from the professionals.

Make Sure Your Fence is in Good Condition

Do you have a fence on your San Diego Home? Well, don’t let it ruin your curb appeal. If your fence is full of moss or mold or the paint is chipping away, this can detract from other beautiful features of your house. As with the other exterior parts of your home, consider getting your fence painted, or power washed to attract buyers.

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Create an Appealing Outdoor Space for Entertaining

Backyard spaces are one of the biggest trends as many homeowners are blurring the lines between their indoor kitchen space and outdoor patio space. Some homeowners in San Diego want the perfect outdoor entertaining area. Therefore, they are putting all the bells and whistles into improving their patio. They include items such as fire pits, appliances, wet bars, and outdoor lighting.

Improve Your Home’s Fixtures and Other Overlooked Exterior Features

A few other things that many homeowners forget to fix or replace are exterior home fixtures. Porch lights, mailboxes, walkways, and driveways are essential. Even though they aren’t as critical as other parts of the property, they can still be a distraction. If you have a mailbox that is outdated, rusty, or in bad shape, it is a good idea to replace it. Also, replacing light fixtures on your porch helps improve your curb appeal. Additionally, if your walkways are full of moss and weeds and your driveways are drenched in car oils, it is a good idea also to get these pressure washed.

If you want to get buyers or visitors inside your house, you have to invest in fixing up the outside of your home in San Diego. These simple ideas will help enhance your exterior and get your house ready for visitors.