Everything You May Want To Know About Designing With Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Everything You May Want To Know About Designing With Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

For ten decades or so, cabinets made of the medium-density cherry hardwood have dominated the interior of many houses. Drawn from the charming American cherry fruit tree, cherry cabinets are widely known for their rot-resistant and moderate durability properties.

Both designers and homeowners seem to have an affinity with cherry cabinets. Why? Because these drawers have been popular for a very long time and they seem not to be going out of fashion anytime soon.

If you want to know everything about cherry kitchen cabinets, then continue reading this review article. We have compiled information about cherry cabinets; their features, benefits, as well as their alternatives.

Cherry Kitchen Cabinets Explained

If you have a preference for cabinets made with raw wood, then you have probably encountered cherry kitchen cabinets at some point in your life. These drawers are marked by tones that shift between rich red to reddish-brown hues typical of pristine cherry hardwood.

Apart from their notable cherry tone, cabinets made of cherry hardwood can be defined by the following design points.

Straight-Grained and Smooth Finishing

Cherry hardwood is widely known for its remarkable close-grain pattern that is typically marked by curls, swills, or gum streaks. Because of its straight grain patterns, cherry has the smoothest finishing compared to other hardwoods. The smooth finishing of cherry cabinets makes them distinctive in terms of stain or paint absorbance and ageing.

These drawers can easily absorb and retain different kinds of stains or paints. Moreover, they are special in terms of rot and shock resistance, thanks to the straight grain pattern that marks their pristine surfaces.


Cherry kitchen cabinets are considerably versatile in terms of finishing options. If your kitchen is traditionally styled, you can opt for cherry cabinets with glazed or natural finishes. For modern kitchens, all-natural and painted cherry kitchen cabinets are more than enough in terms of enhanced visual outlook.

Apart from finishing options, cherry cabinets are also multifaceted in terms of design aspects. From traditional to modern and contemporary designs, there are cure varieties of cherry cabinets that you can take advantage of to modernize the outlook of your scullery.


Like many wood-based types of furniture, cherry cabinets come guarantee homeowners an extended lifespan. While it is moderately durable compared to hardwoods like oak and maple, cherry is much stronger than any other artificially designed materials, for example, fibreboard.

Moreover, it is resistant to shocks, scratches, and spills, thanks to its straight grains and smooth finishing. Cherry is also easy to bend, curve, or mould, all of which make cherry kitchen cabinets the easiest to style and modify.

Pros and Cons of Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

Up to this point, we have only focused on the positive points of cherry cabinets. However, like any other man-made products, these types of kitchen furniture have their good and bad aspects. In this section, we will explore the advantages and disadvantages of cherry kitchen cabinets.


Natural Beauty

Because cherry cupboards are designed with natural a natural hardwood, cherry, they are a great choice for homeowners who prefer natural beauty. Whether you paint, stain, or varnish cherry cabinets, I guarantee you that they will highlight the pristine beauty of raw wood, thanks to the straight and soft finishing of cherry hardwood.


As we have already noted, cherry cabinets are as durable as you may want them to be. Whereas the durability properties of hardwoods like maple and oak cannot be outmatched by cherry, the moderately durable properties of cherry cannot be taken for granted. Compared to cabinets made of man-made materials, cherry kitchen cabinets stand out as long-lasting.


Considering the brittle aspects of cherry wood, cherry cabinets are very easy to modify, and thus uniquely adaptable. Whether you want to make them more useful by removing doors and other fixtures or you just want to limit their size to make them fit the space available, you can seamlessly customize cherry cabinets based on your design preferences.

Regarding the rich red to reddish brown cherry tones, un-stained or unpainted cherry cabinets can be installed in all types of kitchens, from vintage and classic to modern and contemporary kitchens. Hence, you should choose cherry cupboards if you want cabinets that can let you modify your kitchen with ease.

Design Variations

Because of the multiplicity of natural cherry tones, cherry kitchen cabinets are versatile in terms of color features. The fact that they vary in terms of color features as well as design aspects, means that they can give you a wide range of design options to choose from when styling your pantry.


Cherry Cabinets are Expensive

Compared to cabinets made of man-made materials, cherry cabinets can cost you more than you expected. Because of their all-natural material background, they are looked at as pristine, valuable, and durable, all of which designers leverage to charge more. Fortunately, whereas they are expensive, cabinets made of cherry are sufficiently long-lasting. You will not lose anything if you spend a fortune on them.

Cherry is Susceptible to Heat

Did you know that the color features of natural cherry cabinets can change with time after prolonged exposure to heat or sunlight? This can be very disadvantageous, especially in a kitchen with high traffic. However, you can stain or paint them to coat them against unnecessary heat.

What are the Alternatives for Cherry Kitchen Cabinets?

Oak Kitchen Cabinets

Oak is a hardwood with outstanding durability properties. Oak cabinets are defined by not only their impact and scratch-resistant surfaces but also their tones, which tend to shift between light beige to brow-reddish hues.

Maple Kitchen Cabinets

After oak, maple is the second strongest hardwood. Like cherry, maple is susceptible to discoloration after prolonged exposure to heat or sunlight. Nevertheless, it is a strong hardwood that has been used to design cabinets since time immemorial.

Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Hickory is currently on the list of trending natural hardwoods for cabinets. Hickory cabinets are strong, durable, and easier to work with. Moreover, they are known to have a slow ageing process, which makes them valuable and ideal for anyone who wants to get much value from their money.


Cherry kitchen cabinets have been around for so many years. Interestingly, they are now more fashionable than they have ever been. Known for their resilience and beauty, cherry cabinets are ideal for all kitchen designs. You can use them to give your kitchen a fresh new appearance.