The Best Bohemian Rug Decorating Ideas and Buying Guides 2021

The Best Bohemian Rug Decorating Ideas and Buying Guides 2021

Boho or Bohemian rugs are a blend of floating and lively reverberating colors. Bohemian is an art that developed in France after the revolution. Short-form for Bohemian art is Boho.

Bohemian fashion holds no bars; its endless freedom statement is still making ripples in fashion, culture, and customs alike. From clothing to interior designing and home décor, you can incorporate Bohemian art anywhere. If we talk about Bohemian area rugs, you will find them everywhere from one end to the other without exception. This fashion aspect is immortal.

If you are opting to go Boho, you have given yourself an open hand to accept any art piece, style, and fashion pattern. We can help you and share different bohemian rugs decorating ideas and buying guide 2021 online.

Shirvan Kilim

It’s a flat tapestry-woven rug and traditionally comes for Turkey, Iran, and Central Asian states. Kilims are extensive décor at home in this design in particular. These rugs talk of decorating manners, offer colorful collections, and display non-conventional designs. They express more of a solo person.

Shirvan kilims are handicraft and hand-spun woolen rugs –an inspiration from Afghan kilim and give a Caucasian Geometric design. Their wool quality is hard, and these are very durable. You may use a thick underlay to stop the rug from sliding on the floor, which will double its durability and feel more comfortable.

Khotan Rugs

Another Boho-chic look, with this Victorian-style living room rug!

Khotan rugs carry the traditional Boho decorating ideas for heavy wooden furniture in the surrounding. The color palette ranges from soft and decorative to bolder and richer colors. You may find more geometric and such drawings on these rugs.

Furthermore, they have their antique version for Khotan Rugs. The majority of antique Khotan rugs come from the Eastern Turkestan city of Khotan, an old-age center for designing rugs and carpets. Every rug from Khotan carries a cosmopolitan style.

Serapis Rugs – Persian

These are antique rugs manufactured in Persian planes, in small family-owned workplaces. Despite Persians having a unique entity for carpets and rugs, Boho fashion style swept them under its wings.

These fine antique rugs come in many sizes and shapes, ranging from elongated area rugs to room size rugs. Persian Serapi rugs feature very clear colors and warm tones, speaking mostly about a range of blues.

Moreover, Serapi rugs are full of resonating colors and give splendor looks about various cultural designs. The very attractive designs of an oriental rug will blend with the overall design of the bedroom.

Boho-Chic Rug

A beautiful and modern Boho chic rug will showcase white, small gray shades for a brisk feel in the room. Gray is the new black for rugs for its ability and versatility to couple with neutral colors. This combo of colors will create a serene place under your feet.

It’s a hand-knotted wood specialty carrying a long pile that is luxurious to touch and has a natural exhibit to add design to the remaining part of the room.

Plus, it has perky and vivid patterns and sparkling colors. It’s equally good for ultramodern space with clean lines and plain wooden furniture. That said, these are slightly heavy on the pocket.

Boho Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan Boho rugs come from sheep’s wool. Their subsequent colors, designs, and weaving techniques depend on the Moroccan tribe that weaves them. Traditionally there are 17 Berber tribes weaving rugs, making carets in Morocco. All tribes have a different liking for colors, design patterns, and weaving methods.

Mostly, these tribes use wool, nylon, and other types of fibers. There are BeniOuarain rugs, carrying a range of neutral colors and displaying a number of geometric shapes.

Moroccans will give another rug, Azilal. It’s made from virgin wool and woven by Berber women.

Bohemian Turkish Rugs

Turkish rugs carry thousands of knots, depending on their size. You can find it in wool, silk, and cotton, whereas the rug will show a natural color of the material it comes from. Indeed, they add flowers, designs, stems, and curves using material of slightly distinct color to make them look prominent.

Turkish knots are symmetrical knots; they knot the loop in such a way it embraces two warps of thread in a vertical position and comes out through the middle of both.

Mexican Rugs

Mexican rugs will talk about a different culture, color scheming, and designs. Zapotec weavers make this rug in the regions of Oaxaca. Their designs and symbols represent their belief and the native tradition living with them from generation to generation.

It’s very hard to match their designs, shapes, and quality of rugs with any other Boho rugs.

Patchwork Boho Rug

No list of rugs is complete without mentioning a patchwork Boho rug.

It’s a mix of floral patchwork swinging between rich hues of rose, blue, green, orange, and greens. These will sit easily with any space in your home.

Rest assured, these patchwork Boho class rugs are head-turners. Hence, they will add instant interest to any interior.

Ivory and Chocolate modern Boho-Chic rug

This beautiful natural Boho chic rug has a soft feel and primitive looks.

Its basic colors are simple palettes of charcoal gray and white. Thus making it contemporary to go well with any neutral color scheme in your home, it will vibrate a cozy and inviting feel in the room.

This Asian artistry design on primitive motif uses both linear structures and breaks it by adding curves on the edge of the design. You will find vertical and horizontal motions through the use of linear textures, all at equal distances.

Its regular white lines on the edges give it a proper rhythm and form, albeit its design is more random. This formation creates a balance in formal designing and flowing patterns. It’s a high-skill artistic level rug.

These rugs are rich in texture, and the dimensional orientation piece makes a modern yet primitive at the same time. It sits well in modern living areas.


Bohemian rugs are hard to use, but once you get friendly with them, you cannot live without them.

It’s a feel, wide-ranging, and subtle. Boho designs, ideas, colors give you a reason and attitude to live around in the most modern styles without shedding out any old vintage aura of imperious carpets.

The above list of rugs, rather Boho-inspired rugs are most commonly available around. Thus, you can pick one of your choices with no financial checks.

You can find and buy the most fashionable rugs while sitting at home by ordering an cheap area rugs online for your home or office.