What Every New Crypto Trader Need To Know Before Opening Trading Account

What Every New Crypto Trader Need To Know Before Opening Trading Account

What makes a good crypto trader is an appetite for risk, openness to the new financial concept, and willingness to learn continuously. The following hints we offer you in this article are the first steps in your learning path before investing.

Invest in Your Training and Education

The first rule of thumb regarding investment is that you should never risk investing in something you don’t thoroughly understand.

The crypto market is a relatively new sector based on blockchain technology, so the need to grasp its ins and outs is crucial.

Even though you don’t need a degree in finance to venture into crypto trading, some basic knowledge at least is necessary.

Fortunately, many crypto exchanges today, besides investing and trading, offer free training, tutorials, and ebooks for rookies. Take advantage of these learning opportunities if you want to always step ahead with your peers on the market.

Read Reviews

Whether you are choosing a brokerage company or trusted automated software for your investments, the first step is to check what other users and clients think.

For that purpose, reviews and various trading forums are excellent sources of information to consider when choosing the trading intermediary or crypto trading bot.

For instance, the Biticodes review is an excellent overview of all the trading features the Biticodes platform offers.

When it comes to forums, they can be handy, but taking them with a grain of salt is advisable since some forum members could be paid for doing a specific company’s advertising.

Try Out Trading on a Demo.

Once you choose your exchange platform, trading software, or a couple of them, the next step is to try them by using a demo account. It’s ultimately a critical step because the demo allows you to test the interface and trading strategies, feel the market before investing any cent, and start trading in a harsh environment.

What Are Demo Accounts? Do They Instil Overconfidence?

Start With A Small Investment Amount.

Even if you have dedicated considerable sums just for trading purposes, don’t invest all at a time. Start with a small amount, and implement the compounding strategy: once you generate some profit, reinvest it in another round of trading, and so on.

Benefit From the Market Volatility

Like the Forex market, the cryptocurrency market can be highly volatile. Although it might sound daunting to you, it’s, in fact, the opportunity to seize.

Profiting from the daily volatility of cryptocurrencies is at the core of many day trading strategies, scalping, swing trading, and so on.

Unlike long-term investment, where you bet on the rise of the price of the asset with the long-term perspective, here you monitor the market and its changes from second to second and reap the profit from it.


As soon as you reap some decent profits playing on one asset, let’s say Bitcoin, think of diversifying your portfolio and investing in other promising altcoins. It doesn’t have to be a crypto asset. You can also expand your investment on other markets, stocks, or Forex. Just make sure not to keep all of your eggs in one basket.